Yili Golden Collar milk powder will be upgraded to create a six-dimensional easy absorption system

Yili Golden Collar milk powder will be upgraded to create a “six-dimensional easy absorption” system
On the evening of May 20, the Yili Gold-Lingguan Brand Upgrade and China Breast Milk Research Thesis Conference was launched online.In the future, Yili’s infant formula milk powder products will rely on 18 years of breast milk research results and multiple research technologies to make the six nutrients in milk powder more systematic.May 20 is “National Breastmilk Replacement Promotion Day”.The white paper published by Yili pointed out that the various nutrients in breast milk jointly meet the needs of infants’ early growth and development, and there are also multiple synergies.Breast milk substitutes want to simulate the delicate and complex system of breast milk by adding one or several key nutrients.”Breast milk has always been the gold standard for the development of infant formula.””Situ Wenyou, director of the Yili Maternal and Infant Nutrition Institute, advocated at the press conference that in the process of simulating breast milk, formula milk powder manufacturers should fully add the nutrients contained in breast milk to fully restore the internal links and finalbenefit.According to the head of the Yili Milk Powder Business Department, relying on 18 years of research strength in breast milk, the original core technology of formula milk powder and the application of 5 Chinese patent formulas, Yili Jinlingguan series products will usher in a comprehensive upgrade, using “Chinese patent formula” to build”Six-dimensional easy absorption” system, with a more systematic ratio of six major nutrients, to create a nutrition solution that better meets the needs of Chinese babies.It is understood that these six nutrients will include Yili Jinlingguan “infant formula with α-whey protein and β-casein combination and its preparation method”, “nucleotide composition and its application in food”,4 times the combination of imported active probiotics and prebiotics, the double combination of “rare milk fat globule membrane + sialic acid”, Ruyuan second-generation OPO, etc.In addition, Yili has been using practical actions to promote the development of maternal and child health, such as the “Golden Mother Love 3m2” advocacy issued in 2018 and the “Golden Mother Love Alliance” launched in 2019.Afterwards, Yili Jinling Crown replaced the national distributors to start the “1001 Plan” and “100 Lessons and 100 Village Plans” to teach the concept of scientific parenting.Sauna, night net Guo Tie Photo source Image courtesy editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Yue