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Dahan health care and cold nourishing side

In ancient times, there were “great cold and cold, wind and cold, early drinking ginseng, sassafras wine, and evening dressing daisy chrysanthemum yellow yellow pills”, which shows that the ancient working people can easily realize the importance of the body in the cold weather.

The weather is cold in this solar terms. Here are a few simple ways to cold or nourish.

銆€銆€Ginger mutton soup: recipe: 30 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of lamb.

銆€銆€Practice: Angelica, ginger and water washed and cut into large pieces for spare, the mutton removes the fascia, wash and cut into pieces, into the boiling water pot to remove blood, remove and let cool.

Put a proper amount of water into the casserole, put the mutton into the pot, then add the angelica and ginger slices. After boiling on the fire (fire), beat the floating foam and use a simmer (small fire) to cook.

5 hours until the lamb is cooked.

Take the angelica, ginger slices, and drink the soup.

銆€銆€Efficacy: warm, blood, cold.

銆€銆€Red 鏉炵敯涓冮浮: Ingredients: 15 grams of medlar, 10 grams of ginseng, 1 hen, 20 grams of ginger, 30 grams of onion, 30 grams of Shao wine, pepper, MSG.

銆€銆€Practice: After the live chicken is slaughtered, the treatment is clean, the scorpion is washed, three or seven grams of powder, three grams of powder, 6 grams of soft slices, ginger cut into large pieces, onions cut into spare.

Put the chicken into the boiling water pot and remove the blood, then remove the dried water, then stuff the wolfberry, Sanqi, ginger, and shallot into the chicken belly, put the chicken into the gas pot, inject a small amount of clear soup, and place the pepper.Powder, Shao wine; then sprinkle the notoginseng powder on the chicken chop, cover the lid, boil the water and steam on the cage for about 2 hours, add the MSG seasoning when the pan is out.

銆€銆€Efficacy: tonic and blood.

(It is mild, the elderly and chronic illness, the postpartum blood deficiency is similar to eating.

) Sweet and sour carrot wire: Ingredients: carrot half a catty, ginger, sugar, vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil amount.

銆€銆€Practice: Carrots are washed and shredded, and ginger is shredded.

Heat the wok and heat the oil (hot pot cold oil) and then put the ginger, stir fry the scent into the carrot, stir fry for 2 minutes, then vinegar, sugar, continue to stir until eight mature, add salt to the cookedAfter seasoning with MSG, you can serve it.

銆€銆€Efficacy: in the air to make up, Lee chest, adjust the stomach, An Wu dirty.

(Modern medical research has found that carrots contain “sodium succinate”, which is an effective component for lowering blood pressure. Hypertensive patients can also drink juice.

Milk porridge: Ingredients: half a catty of milk, 100 grams of previous rice.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the rice bran before, put it into the pot and pour it into water. After the fire is cooked, switch to simmer and cook until it is six ripe. Add the milk and continue to cook until it becomes porridge.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Run lungs to the intestines, tonic and nourishing blood.

You think that in health, it is actually raising a disease!


These health care methods are very wrong.

You think that in health, it is actually raising a disease!
These health care methods are very wrong.

New Oasis, the health manager around you!

In this age of informationization, it is very simple to get all kinds of information.

Especially for the parents, they are more enthusiastic about sharing the various ways of health care they see, opening up the circle of friends, and being replaced by all kinds of health knowledge shared by parents.

Among them, it is inevitable that the unscientific health knowledge will be integrated into the life of health care, especially the parents are more convinced of this, then today Xiaozhouzhou will take everyone to dismantle these true colors!

Misunderstanding one, drinking porridge every day, stomach porridge is easy to digest in the stomach, but if the stomach itself is normal, if you eat porridge three times a day, it will easily cause the absorption function of the stomach weakened.

Science believes that if you can eat a normal diet, you should not eat porridge.

Even if it is a patient, it will start to be light. After the body absorbs normal, the diet will change. Drinking porridge for a long time is not good for the body!

Misunderstanding 2, fasting, detoxification and beauty Many people think that there is no stool in the intestines, there will be no toxins deposited, the skin will become better.

So some people will eat one day or just drink honey water and eat some fruits in a few days, thinking that this will discharge the toxins.

In fact, otherwise, the resulting gradual becomes thicker, and may even lead to more and more paralysis, causing other diseases!

Misunderstanding three, eat whole grains, the most healthy sayings: eat more grains, do not get sick.

More and more people are aware of the variety of grains, which leads to the popularity of whole grains, and there are many convenience benefits.

In fact, the reason why the grains are healthy is that they need to supplement their rich substitute fibers to promote resonance creep, but contain plugging of the sealing plug.

If it is powdered, the precipitated fiber will disappear, and only the starch and sugar will be left, which will lead to an increase in blood sugar!

Misunderstanding 4, only eat vegetarian food, many people think that eating vegetarian food is a very healthy lifestyle. If you are vegetarian for a long time, you don’t eat meat, it is just the protein of the animal that is essential for the human body, so that even high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases are aggravated.

It is recommended that everyone absorb the right amount of food every day to ensure that the necessary substances of the human body reach a balance and enhance physical fitness!

Misunderstanding 5, not eating dinner, can lose weight and lose weight is what every woman has been insisting on for a lifetime.

Many women are determined not to eat dinner at night in order to lose weight, but they do not know that this will not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

If you don’t eat dinner at night, from mid-afternoon to the next morning, the interval is 10 hours or even longer. If you don’t eat anything in a row, your body will feel hungry and you will lose your muscles and moisture, and the slightest will not decrease.

Misunderstanding six, the valley, weight loss Many people think that the valley is a treatment of Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine experts believe that this does not have the theoretical basis of Chinese medicine, but at the same time violates the natural physiological laws of the human body, there is no evidence in science to prove that the valley can improve the bodyHappening.

The valley will disrupt the normal law of the stomach, affect the digestion and absorption of the stomach, and even further disrupt the normal metabolism of the body, which will lead to the emergence of gastrointestinal diseases.

It seems that weight loss has been reduced. In fact, when the weight of the diet is restored, it will grow rapidly, so it is unscientific to lose weight in this way.

Misunderstanding seven, excessive exercise, improve immunity is well known, moderate exercise can help improve physical fitness, improve their own immunity, many people like to exercise in the morning or evening for health: fitness, running, practicing yoga.

But Xiaozhouzhou wants to tell you that many people’s exercise regimen is wrong. In the long run, it is easy to cause many health problems!

Exercise health, we must pay attention to the amount of exercise, some people in order to pursue better physical quality, will increase the amount of exercise, but did not consider whether the body can withstand.

In fact, the extra body movement will bring a lot of load to the body, and even cause ligament strain and damage.

Therefore, people who love sports, daily exercise must pay attention to the amount of exercise!

Gradually overshoot from the early stage to the late stage, and take the range that you can bear as the standard to avoid harm to the body.

Chronic, aerobic exercise is more suitable for health!

In addition, there are many wrong ways to keep healthy.

Everyone must keep their eyes open when they are in health. It is unscientific to maintain normal physiology. The real health can only improve diet and exercise. It is necessary to go to scientific health!

Develop these habits, weight loss will become very simple!


Develop these habits, weight loss will become very simple!

It is very simple to want to become thin. As long as you have good habits, try these little tricks. Don’t believe that you can’t lose weight.

1, early sleep and get up early to normal work can ensure the body’s normal circulation and metabolism, the effect of fat burning can be improved.

And high-quality sleep can secrete a large number of growth hormones, which have the effect of improving metabolism and burning accidents.

2, only drink white water white water to promote metabolism to help circulation and detoxification, but also enhance satiety to prevent overeating and overeating.

White water can also help digestion and prevent the accumulation of feces and waste.

3, the fruit fiber in the fruit and fruit is rich in food, can help the gastrointestinal activities, promote the rapid conversion of food, prevent the accumulation of metastasis.

Fruits can also replace snacks, reduce conversion intake, and prevent obesity.

4, often do deep breathing deep breathing exercises can help practice the muscles and aunt of the entire abdomen, the effect of thin abdomen is very good.

5, pay attention to the order of eating slimming effect The best order of eating is to eat vegetables and then eat protein foods and finally vegetables and staple foods alternately.

If you can adjust your lifestyle, the slimming effect will be very good.

Once there are three signs, suggesting that bowel cancer find the door, it is best to check the colonoscopy


Once there are three signs, suggesting that bowel cancer “find the door”, it is best to check the colonoscopy

Intestinal cancer is the most common type of malignant tumor in the digestive system, which is a serious threat to human health. Colon cancer and rectal cancer are more common.

In his 50s, a month ago, due to abdominal pain, bloating, and unbearable circumstances, he went to the hospital for examination. After many examinations, the result was colon cancer.

Even more unfortunately, during Mr. Li’s treatment, his wife had an abnormal situation such as 鈥渟tomach pain鈥? and thinning of the bowel movements.

The results showed that the fecal occult blood test was positive, combined with colonoscopy and pathological results, diagnosed as rectal cancer!

The couple followed the stomach cancer. After understanding the situation, they realized that they had lived together for a long time. Good, bad habits and eating habits are similar.

Absolutely, people’s living standards have improved, the diet structure has changed, the incidence and mortality of bowel cancer have been increasing year by year, and the incidence is younger.

Once there are three signs, suggesting that the colon cancer is “finding the door”, it is best to check the colonoscopy!

1, blood in the stool and blood in the stool, is a very dangerous signal, is also one of the early symptoms of rectal cancer.

If the color of the stool is dark or red, or accompanied by a large amount of mucus or pus, it is recommended to seek medical advice promptly.

Reminder: Hemorrhoids also appear in hemorrhoids, no matter what, go to the hospital for examination, in order to distinguish.

2, abdominal pain Most colon cancer has different degrees of abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, after eating, the pain is often aggravated, may also be accompanied by intermittent diarrhea or constipation.

Under normal circumstances, right colon cancer pain is often reflected to the upper part of the umbilicus; left half of the colon cancer pain is often reflected to the lower part of the umbilicus.

3, defecation abnormal bowel habits change, such as diarrhea, constipation, or alternating; the number of bowel movements increased or decreased; defecation may cause hinge pain, ease after the stool.

When defecation, mixed with bloodshot or mucus, the appearance of the stool is irregular, and some are thin strips. At this time, be vigilant, it may be a signal of bowel cancer.

Colonoscopy is currently the best choice for the diagnosis of large intestinal mucosal lesions.

Remember, the internal cleanliness is the key to colonoscopy.

If there is a lot of feces in the initial part, it will affect the observation.

Recommendation: After the age of 40, a fecal occult blood test is performed once a year, and a colonoscopy is performed every 5-10 years.

2, high risk group of colonoscopy: family history of intestinal cancer, family history of intestinal polyps, once a year to enter the colonoscopy.

The intestines are the digestive organs of the human body and the organs of detoxification. The initial state determines the health and appearance.

Prevention of intestinal cancer, remember “three more, four defenses”: “three more”: more supplemental crude fiber, drink plenty of water, more exercise 1, more supplemental crude fiber crude fiber, refers to fiber, is a human body seven major nutrientsAnd the only nutrients that are not absorbed by the body.

Dietary fiber is divided into soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber.

The study found that the absorption of more than 35g of crude fiber per day, causing a 40% reduction in the incidence of colon cancer.

However, the fiber intake of residents in developing countries is generally insufficient and is on a downward trend.

At present, the daily intake of fiber (insoluble) is expected to be less than 10 g per capita.

The World Health Organization recommends that the fiber absorption per person per day is 25-35g.

Supplemented with crude fiber, 1-2 cups of dandelion barley green juice per day, it can prevent and improve constipation and promote the discharge of feces.

After dandelion leaves and barley seedlings are mixed into powder, they are combined to form dandelion barley green juice, which is supplemented with crude fiber to improve the health of the body.

Dandelion leaves, plasma vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals, dandelion and “detoxification grass”, have a certain effect on constipation caused by fire, oral odor and other symptoms.

Moreover, dandelion, also known as “week bed grass”, has a good diuretic effect, can promote toxin replacement in the body, improve the body environment.

Barley seedlings, expected crude fiber, to supplement the body’s nutritional needs, but also soften the feces, increase the number of initial probiotics, regulate the internal micro-ecological balance.

At the same time, the crude fiber can also swell in the interior, stimulate the intestinal wall, accelerate the insertion of creep, absorb more harmful substances, and promote waste discharge.

The combination of the two, supplemented with crude fiber, can prevent and improve constipation; at the same time, it can regulate the body’s acid-base balance and prevent intestinal cancer.

2, drink plenty of water, is the source of life, but also a very good detoxification agent.

After waking up in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face, drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach, do not prevent anything, drink it, directly wash the interconnection, stimulate the intestinal wall, promote interference with peristalsis, promote fecal discharge, prevent and improve constipation, facial acne and other issues.

Drink water during the day, remember to sip small mouth, drink slowly, drink hard, so that the body can better absorb water and improve the internal environment.

3, more exercise, is a “good medicine” for various diseases.

Moderate exercise can improve the body’s ability to resist disease and reduce the risk of bowel cancer.Exercise can increase the secretion of digestive juice, promote digestion, stimulate the colonic peristalsis, and reduce the residence time of feces.

Exercise can promote bowel movements and reduce the chance of contact with the colonic mucosa by slightly decomposing and decomposing, thus reducing the incidence of colon cancer.

“Four defenses”: anti-bearing, anti-sitting, anti-night, anti-night, anti-bearing “bearing, endure, do not want to bowel!”
鈥?”A lot of people will choose to endure when they have not had time to go to the toilet to defecate. Later, they found that there was no intention.”

Long-term tolerance of constipation, resulting in a variety of toxic substances in the feces, damage and endocrine disorders, resulting in irregular bowel movements, increasing the incidence of bowel cancer.

2, anti-sitting study in the United States shows that sedentary people are 40-50% more likely to have colon cancer than people who are exercising, and men are also prone to prostate cancer.

Sedentary will reduce the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in food not being better digested by the body.

For sedentary people, it is recommended to massage the abdomen every day to overcome the external force and promote the intervention.

Massage method: manually massage the circle in a clockwise direction, 10 laps each time, strengthen the left lower part of the navel, the upper right corner, and the lower left corner of the 3 points of massage, because these three are the part of the large intestine.

3, anti-night shackles make people fat, increase the digestive burden of the upstream road, and thus more toxins stay in the body.

Studies have shown that when eating supper, more people will choose to eat a lot of meat, eggs and other high-protein foods, and too much protein, the body can not absorb, will absorb and degenerate in the intermediates, produce ammonia, toluidine, hydrogen sulfideThe toxins stimulate the intestinal wall and increase the incidence of cancer.

4, anti-night staying up late, lack of sleep will lead to a decline in the body’s disease resistance, making the body more susceptible to illness.

The British Scientific Cancer Research Center has studied more than 1,000 cancer patients aged 30-50 years around the world and found 99.

3% of people stay up all night, and will not rest until the early hours of the morning.

People who stay up late for a long time, the body’s biological clock is disordered; and nighttime light will destroy the formation of melatonin, making it easy for leukemia, cancer, prostate cancer, etc. to find the door.


It is recommended that you do not fall to sleep at least 12 o’clock at the latest, to ensure that the liver can detoxify normally at 1-3 in the morning.

At the same time, sleep time is 6-8 hours per day.

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How can slimming lose weight?


How can slimming lose weight?

Nutritionists say eating high-protein, low-carbohydrate does allow people to lose weight quickly in the first few weeks, but this weight loss is mainly the result of water loss and loss of appetite in the body.

And it is very harmful to the body.

銆€銆€Nutritionists believe that the root cause of many people’s overweight is that the amount of food is too large and the amount of activity is too small.

The most healthy and effective way to lose weight is to establish the right lifestyle, eating habits, eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, limit the amount of animals, appropriate activities every day, and exercise once a week.

This argument seems to be a clich茅, and it takes longer to be effective, not as attractive as the fashionable weight loss methods.

However, this is the only correct way to make people slim and healthy.

銆€銆€The American Food and Nutrition Science Alliance has proposed a set of 10 criteria to help people identify the “junk” weight loss theory: 1.

Guarantee fast weight loss.


The danger of rendering a certain kind of food.


Food is absolutely divided into two categories: 鈥済ood鈥?and 鈥渂ad鈥?


Excessively fascinating propaganda words.


Promote the theory that has been denied by authoritative scientific research institutions.


Contains suggestions for disguised promotions for a product.


After a study, he rushed to recommend the product to the public.


From the complicated research, it is too simple and affirmative.


Use some research results that are not recognized by peers as the theoretical basis.


Look at the differences between individuals and describe a method as a panacea.

Chinese medicine meridian health has a way to make you healthy for life


Chinese medicine meridian health has a way to make you healthy for life

Comb your hair a hundred times to promote blood flow to the head. Use your fingers or comb from the forehead to the back of the pillow. From the tip of the double to the top of the head, comb the hair, 50 times per time.
100 times, the best time to comb your hair after getting up in the morning.

In ancient times, it was called “burly”.

The meridians of the human body are concentrated in the head, and the hair is passed through the eyebrows, Tongtian, Baihui, Yintang, jade pillow, wind pool and other nearly 50 acupoints, so that these acupuncture points can be stimulated by the same stimulation as acupuncture to promote scalp blood.Cycle, dredge the effect of meridians.

Lunar lungs often rub, press the tip of the thumb to promote the lungs, the effect of lungs, dysentery helps maintain the health of the respiratory system.

Especially in the fall, the meridian runs to the hand and the lungs are the best time for respiratory health care.

婊犻敄Axial satin, when you cough, rub your thumb sharply to relieve cough symptoms.

For female friends, this meridian is massaged to increase the color of the face. The opposite color is white, the nails are pale or dark purple, and the fatigue can be improved, the fatigue is eliminated, and the wrinkles are reduced.

Knocking on the stomach first hits the face with the abdomen of the finger, and then taps the large intestine and the meridian of the small intestine while tapping the stomach.

Because the stomach of the face is only part of the entire stomach, it is not connected to the whole.

In order to get through the entire stomach, it is necessary to rub your neck again, not to knock but to bow.

Focus on persistence!

As long as you insist on doing the method that is handed over to you by the Meridian Health Method every day, the reward will be unremarkable.

He and the niece are learning health, not the high cold beauty in Qianlong’s mind!


He and the niece are learning health, not the high “cold” beauty in Qianlong’s mind!

The recent “Rugao Biography” hit, escaped Zhou Xun’s acting skills, escaped the value of Huo Jianhua, but did not escape the secret of health in the drama.

Although the costumes and makeup are not as beautiful as the “Legend Raiders”, the way of keeping health in “Ruyi Biography” is more like a woman’s maintenance of the Bible, making people look more enjoyable than Gongdou.

In the court dramas, the bridges that the scorpions were beaten into the cold palace and ushered back were indispensable, and the scenes that were trapped in the cold palace were inevitable.

In the 24th episode, Jiang and Bin came to see the wounds of Rugao and found that the rheumatism of Rugao did not improve. It was found that the eating of the two people was cold and cold, which caused her rheumatism to be more serious, and then adjusted accordingly.The prescription is against cold food.

Chinese medicine said: ten women are nine cold.

However, each person’s “cold spot” is different: some people are warm, but the hands and feet are cold all year round; some people are not afraid of cold, but they immediately have stomach pains and stomach cramps when they eat the wrong things;The person was disturbed by dysmenorrhea and infertility all the year round. Later, he was diagnosed as a palace cold by Chinese medicine. How should a cold woman be nursed back to health?

How should people with wet and cold constitutions adjust their diet?

Let health connect to give you a recipe?

All year round, the hands and feet are always cold and cold. The Chinese medicine interprets the cold, the hands and feet are cold. This is called the yang physique in the constitution of Chinese medicine. The yang of the yang body is congenitally insufficient, and the body produces insufficient heat. Naturally, it will be cold.The state, the first to bear the brunt is the hands and feet.

In other women, the yang of the body may not be faint, but due to lack of exercise, the blood and blood are not running smoothly, resulting in stagnation of the yang in the body, unable to reach the body’s distal ends, and inadvertent maintenance, so it is particularly prone to cold hands and feet.
Expert prescription ginger sugar Su Ye drink ginger 3 grams, washed, cut into filaments, with 3 grams of Su Ye into a porcelain cup, add about 15 grams of brown sugar, brewed with boiling water, covered with a cover for 10 minutes, take it hot, you can use the effect of warming and dispersing, people with cold hands and feet do not hinder a try.

Chinese herbal medicine soaking feet + massage Yongquan point every day with warm water soaking feet, can add safflower and wormwood when soaking feet, safflower can promote blood circulation and promote blood circulation, Ai leaves have the effect of removing cold and dampness, especially suitable for qi stagnation and blood stasisThe lack of yang is afraid of cold women.

Method: 50 grams of safflower and wormwood leaves are placed in a gauze bag and tightly packed. Put 2 liters of water in the pot, boil it with a large fire, then cook for 10 minutes on low heat, juice, and treat the juice.In the hot water of about 40, soak for half an hour.

After soaking your feet, you can also massage the foot of the spring, first use the right palm to quickly rub the left foot, then use the left palm to quickly rub the right foot, it is better to have a sense of heat.

Eat some hot foods in the diet, add more vitamin E (fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat, milk, liver, etc.); eat more foods containing niacin (spinach, walnuts, bananas, etc.) and B vitamins (milk,Egg yolk, coarse rice), can expand peripheral blood vessels.

Properly eat spicy foods such as pepper, pepper, mustard, etc. to promote blood circulation; avoid eating cold food, ice or cold drinks.

number 2

A cold stomach will cause stomach pain, and gastric ulcer prolongs Chinese medicine interpretation of stomach cold is a proprietary term of traditional Chinese medicine. It means that the stomach is affected by cold evil, causing yang deficiency in the stomach, and the chill is too strong.

The main cause of stomach cold is related to living habits. For example, if you don’t keep your body warm, you often eat hot and cold food together, and eat cold food. Over time, it will cause stomach cold.

Coupled with the fast pace of life, mental stress, irregular diet, the incidence of stomach disease is getting higher and higher.

Experts prescribe to avoid eating cold food Chinese medicine believes that the stomach is hot and aversion to cold, is an organ that is afraid of cold.

Excessive cold food will increase the symptoms of stomach cold.

Cold salad, cold drink, try not to eat, especially the fruit of cold and cool, mandarin, orange, water chestnut, banana, persimmon, watermelon, etc., not to eat more; people with stomach cold are suitable for eating warm food all year round.Eat more stews, stir-fry, drink some hot soup before meals, and add hot food such as ginger, yam, and mutton to your daily ingredients.

Pork belly stewed pepper to drive stomach cold pepper hot, spicy, it has exhaust, warming cold, cold and pain relief, can treat some symptoms caused by stomach cold, causing stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite and so on.

Pork belly is the stomach of pigs. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of strengthening the stomach and nourishing the stomach, dispelling cold and stopping vomiting.

Pork belly pepper soup has the effect of warming the stomach and preventing cold, especially suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency.

Practice: White pepper 30?
50 capsules, 1 pork belly; wash the pork belly, white pepper broken (wrapped with gauze) into the pork belly, add 鐓?to the soup thick belly, add, ginger, salt can be seasoned.
Regular massage of the stomach to nourish the valley, the foot Sanli point is commonly used to replenish the body, health and transport the spleen and stomach points.

Hegu points in the thumb of the back of the hand, the highest point between the muscles of the index finger, the Zusanli point on the outside of the calf, and the three horizontal fingers below the concave eye of the outer knee are adjacent to the lateral side of the calf leg bone.

Press the acupuncture point with your thumb or forefinger and make a circular massage for 20?
30 times.

Don’t force too much, just stop it.

number 3

Interpretation of dysmenorrhea, infertility, enthusiasm of the Chinese woman, interpretation of the “Tong Han” refers to two aspects, meaning that the uterus feels cold or overeating cold food caused by “real cold”, another aspect isRefers to the female reproductive system low reproductive function, and kidney deficiency, spleen qi deficiency, liver stagnation and dampness, blood sputum closely related, and the reasons include congenital yang physique, continuous flow leading to excessive blood loss, worry, fatigue, staying up late, etc.Blood stasis caused by bad lifestyle, lack of kidney, etc., which is also called “deficiency”.

Experts should especially keep warm during the menstrual period. If the menstrual period is cold, they should quickly drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger water instead.

Usually dressing must adhere to the principle of “head cold feet and hot feet”, so it is okay to wear a little less in the upper body, but the lower body, especially the feet and waist, must be warm enough.

Women nourishing blood, nourishing the kidney = warming the palace to deal with blood stasis, the key is to avoid worry and tiredness, to keep warm, and often drink some blood circulation and phlegm diet: 500 grams of lotus root, 500 grams of ribs and 5 grams of safflower togetherSoup, eat meat and soup, but it is not suitable for menstruation and pregnancy.

If you stay up late, you will inevitably lose your kidneys. You may want to massage your ears frequently: use your hands to gently pinch the earlobes of your ears and rub them to redness and heat; then hold down the earlobe and pull down, then let go of the earlobe.
In the morning and evening, each time 30?
50 times.
Moxibustion to help wormwood is a woman’s health grass, female body is negative, and wormwood is purely positive, through moxibustion can quickly supplement the body’s yang, improve palace cold.

The acupoints that are considered to be important, such as Qihai, Guanyuan, and Shenque, under the navel can be used for moxibustion.

Health connection has something to say about these dry goods against the cold body, have you learned?

Great cold weather, pay attention to what seven major issues are in the heart


Great cold weather, pay attention to what seven major issues are in the heart

Keep in mind that there are 7 items in the cold weather. 1. The road surface is slippery due to the anti-skid weather. Therefore, you should pay attention to the safety of travel and prevent accidental falls.

It is better to step on the thick snow and avoid floating ice and water. Don’t slip because it is slippery. It’s a good thing to skate with it. Try to lift your foot and step on it.Reduces the forward friction of the sole and the ground, greatly reducing the possibility of falling.

2, anti-fall suggest that people who usually ride electric cars and bicycles, choose to walk or public transportation.

3, flood control In addition, due to the impact of snowfall in some areas, trees are in danger of being overwhelmed. Pedestrians should try to stay away from the heights of trees and pay attention to prevent bruises from being collapsed.

4, anti-theft due to the emergence of heavy snow, the public traffic pressure has increased sharply, we must be extra vigilant against the criminals to take the opportunity to commit crimes, the bag should be placed in the hands instead of hanging on the shoulder before the car, men do not put the phone and wallet at the waistAnd trouser pockets, you should always pay attention to your financial security after getting on the bus. If you are deliberately crowded, you should be extra cautious. In some cases, you should shout loudly to the flight attendant or driver and call the police.

5, anti-collision roads slippery driving friends must be careful to drive, always keep the distance between the brakes in time, unless you pay special attention to the pedestrians on the road to do the dodge preparation, in addition to pay attention to the above pointsWhen encountering an uphill section, the speed should be kept low, and if it is turned off, the handbrake should be pulled in time.

6, the anti-fog weather changes will inevitably affect the flight, friends who choose to fly out to keep abreast of the dynamic information of the airport flight, and track the time the aircraft may take off to avoid accidents or forced to stay at the airport, delay your trip,And always pay attention to the flight situation, while waiting to pay attention to timely supplement the body’s energy.

7, anti-mite due to snow coverage, many “traps” on the road will be covered, therefore, should be careful, pay attention to low-lying, manhole cover, nails on building materials.

Summer time, summer heat and dampness medicine – Liu Yi San


Summer time, summer heat and dampness medicine – Liu Yi San

“Six Yi San” is the simplest variety in the dazzling array of proprietary Chinese medicines.

First, its prescription is simple. It consists of 6 parts of talc and 1 part of licorice. The second method is simple. Just mix the powder of two flavors and mix it.

銆€銆€According to legend, “Liu Yi San” was created by Liu Wansu (other than Liuhe), one of the four members of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties.

In the midsummer of 1147 (the first year of the Golden Emperor’s reign), Jin Xizong Jin Shangshu right-handed Han enterprises first became the king of the king, giving a feast for three days.

Who knows, after three days, the Korean company first got a strange disease: fever, thirst, irritability, poor urine, stool and diarrhea.

The family went around for medical treatment, and Xizong also sent a doctor to come to the hospital for treatment. However, there were nearly a hundred doses of medicine going on, and the disease was increasing, so he sought medical treatment in the city gate.

銆€銆€At the time, Liu Wansu, who was 20 years old, was buying medicines in Beijing, and he saw the list. One of them was a newcomer and he didn’t know the depth. The second one thought that the disease was quite sure: the three first heard the Korean company’s first Botong scripture, and it was able to imitate the Song Dynasty.The new law, so Liu Wansu would like to see this sage.

Therefore, he unveiled the list and entered the Wangfu for the treatment of Korean enterprises.

After checking the color, I asked: “Can you have body heat, upset, thirst, dizziness, less gas, and sweating?

Han closed his eyes and nodded slightly.

銆€銆€”When there is nausea and diarrhea, chest tightness and poor appetite, tired and heavy.

Liu finished.


“Hanqi first said, then blinked and looked at Liu Wansu’s appearance.

銆€銆€”This is the summer heat, the heat is not cured, the doctor has also!


“Taiwan can’t help but say: “I don’t know what the heat is?

“Liu Wansu said: “You cure the heat and dampness, diarrhea does not raise the yin, especially the urination is unfavorable, the stool diarrhea, certainly not afraid to use the cold agent, so it is ineffective.

“Hanqi first stood up and asked with big eyes: “Where are you?”

“Liu Wansu thinks that there are pen prescriptions: talc, licorice, a total of research.

A side of Mrs. Han asked: “Why is this?

Liu pointed to the side of the “talc six or two, licorice one or two”, blurted out: “Six one scattered.”

He explained: “The talc can relieve the muscles and clear the heat, slippery and damp the water and dampness, and rule the top and bottom of the table.

Adding licorice to the fire and the middle, you can clear the heat and dampness.

“How to take the law?”

“Every time you use three yuan, and white honey, cold water or light heart soup to adjust, three days effective.

“When the Korean company saw him in a reasonable way, he took the three stickers according to the prescription, and he rushed to urinate. He couldn’t help but feel very much.

Han enterprises first found Liu Wansu and asked him to abandon the doctor to go to politics, but Liu only asked for a number of medical books.

After that, he still studied hard and finally became a famous doctor.

銆€銆€Li Shizhen, a great medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, also praised “Six Yi San”.

Therefore, Liuyi San is known as the “mortem of mortals.”

銆€銆€The use of “Liu Yi San” is generally 9 grams (three money) per serving, and the best effect is to use cold water to adjust the clothes.

The key to the decision to use “Jiyi San” should be the disease of red urine and short sputum. If the urine is clear and long (no color and more easy to discharge), it should not be used.

銆€銆€In addition, the addition and subtraction of “Six Yi San” is also very flexible.

If you have both an upset and earlier author, you can add a small amount of cinnabar to adjust the clothes, called “Yiyuan San”; if you have both red sore throat and mouth sores, you can add green mites instead, called “Jiyu San”;If you have a mild exogenous (fever, headache, etc.) symptoms, you can use fresh mint leaf decoction or a small amount of sputum juice, called “chicken Susan.”

These prescriptions are good recipes for summer treatment of summer heat.

There is also a usage of the folks to “six-six” to the children after bathing, which can prevent sputum and prevent eczema, which is cheap and beneficial.