Healthy food for women

Healthy food for women

Kelp contains trace impurities, high content of colloids and minerals, easy digestion and absorption, anti-aging, and does not have to worry about getting fat after eating. It is an ideal health food for women. Recent research has found that kelp can help treat breast hyperplasia.

  Women’s Health Food-Kelp Kelp is rich in various trace elements. Of all the foods, kelp has the highest iodine content.

It has long been recorded in ancient China that kelp (that is, kelp) can soften and swell, which can make blood ventilate and the masses subsided.

Kelp contains trace impurities, high colloids and minerals, easy digestion and absorption, anti-aging, no need to worry about getting fat after eating, it is the ideal healthy food for women.

Modern studies have found that kelp can help treat breast hyperplasia.
This is because it contains a large amount of iodine, which can cause lutealization of ovarian follicles, thereby reducing estrogen levels in the body, adjusting endocrine disorders, and ultimately eliminating the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.

  Kelp is a food with high health value, but because it is usually too common, it has not caused people’s awareness.

In fact, kelp is an important health food in many countries.

Like Koreans, from birthday to confinement to breakfast, it is indispensable.

Japanese people grind kelp into powder and use it as an additive to food such as red intestines, and express kelp tea as a festive noble food.

Healthy eating kelp is good, but you must eat it in moderation. Do not eat kelp as a main course every day, because excessive iodine can also affect your health.

Moreover, kelp contains a certain amount of nitrate, and excessive arsenic can cause poisoning.

Therefore, before eating kelp, it should be rinsed with water to make dissolved water.

The method is to clean the kelp first, soak it in water, and change the water continuously, usually soak it in water for more than 6 hours.

Because the soaking time is too long, the nutrients in kelp will also be dissolved in water.

If the kelp is not properly cooked after being soaked in water, it means that it has deteriorated and can no longer be eaten.

Chinese medicine believes that those with kelp coldness and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat.

Are you ready to play

Are you ready to play

Core tip: The fans have always been fun to watch, and they have to play a few kicks on their own. The weather is getting hot. Are you ready to play outdoors?

  Fans have always been fun to watch, and they have to play a few kicks on their own. The weather is getting hot. Are you ready to play outdoors?


Be prepared to kick your feet without itching.

It takes at least 10 minutes to prepare for the activity. You can jog for a while, move your ankles and knees, make your body sweat slightly, pull the joints and ligaments apart, twist, knees, wrists, buttocksMust be active.

People who have not exercised for a long time should do well in preparation activities.

If you are playing a more formal game, it is recommended that you bring protective gear such as leg guards. Do n’t try too hard when kicking, it ‘s hot, meaning it ‘s fine.


Replenish moisture in time.

It ‘s best to put the water on the sidelines and drink a little when you feel thirsty. It does n’t matter if you drink more than a few times. Do n’t wait until you are tired to drink a lot at a time and do n’t drink for a long time.Beverages with ice creams, sparse mineral springs are always the best.


It is best to prepare a pair of slippers, and it will be very comfortable to change them after kicking, if you can bring a towel to wipe the sweat, it will be even better.


Finally, I remind you to try to choose to play in the morning or evening when the sun is weak, and if your skills are not good, don’t deliberately imitate the difficult movements of the star, otherwise you wo n’t say it and you will be injured.Missing study and work is an impossible task!

Four factors kill Chinese imagination

Four factors kill Chinese imagination

Thinking normative knowledge is inactive, divergent thinking development is hindered, innovative cognition is extraordinary-the article “Chinese Youth’s View of Success Is Too Narrow” published by this newspaper, reported on Dr. Xiaodong Yue from Harvard University and associate professor at City University of Hong Kong.There are a series of errors in the cognition of creativity, which has caused heated discussions in all sectors of society.

In his series of studies, the latest analysis of the reasons for the lack of creativity of the Chinese is also quite original, so this newspaper continues to publish to readers.

―—— Is the editor moon a lamp?

  One night, a father took his 3-year-old son for a walk outside, and the son suddenly pointed at the bright moon in the sky and asked, “Is that a lamp?

“My father answered mechanically,” That’s not the lamp, it’s the moon.

“But the son still insisted that the moon is a lamp, and the father began to find his son very stupid, but after a careful consideration, he felt that his son was right, because the moon does have the function of lighting.

In Chinese, the word “ming” means sun and moon!

  The scientist’s father who discovered that the moon was connected to the lamp was Yue Xiaodong, PhD from Harvard University, and associate professor at City University of Hong Kong.

In his words, he is the “stupid father” in front of his son.

It was a trivial matter that caused him to think about the roots of the Chinese lack of creativity.

  Chinese people are less creative than Westerners. This is not only an example of years of academic research, but also a hot topic in education.

Joseph Needham, a famous British scholar, once asked: Why did China’s science and technology lead the West in the Tang and Song dynasties, but fell behind in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

  Therefore, people have always thought that this is mainly the influence of Confucianism, or the limitation of small farmers’ economy.

However, after years of research and thinking, Dr. Yue Xiaodong proposed that the lack of creativity of Chinese people is more caused by the rigidity of teaching methods and insufficient use of knowledge.

In his view, there are four major factors that are not conducive to the development of Chinese creativity.

  ”Children are like a ‘question mark’ when they go to school and a ‘period’ when they graduate.

“-Neil the educator?

Postman’s “thinking norms are the primary factor in lethal Chinese creative thinking.

Dr. Xiaodong Yue pointed out, “It stands out as: fixed thinking function, authority and superstition, thinking inertia.

And all these can be described as the gradual consequences of the current “exam-oriented education”.

For example, in 1998, someone’s college entrance examination essay was titled “Toughness-A Character I’m Pursuing.”It ‘s incredible that the formulaic false idea of “to date” has been opened!

  所以,“再没有比高考更加助长人的思维标准化了”,岳晓东博士认为,“所有的知识获取都应是‘进行时态的’,而非是‘完成时态的’,可高考的训练过程却让人把所有的知识都当成完成时态,促使孩子在学习中,只在乎‘什么是标准答案’,不在乎‘知识是怎样获取的’。As a result, students’ thinking is becoming more and more convergent, their imagination is withering, and their brains are filled with standard answers.

As a result, the rigidity of knowledge transfer has become the culprit of standardized thinking.

Without imagination and problem awareness, where does the knowledge update and progress come from?

So “Even for the sake of fairness, ‘exam-oriented education’ is irreplaceable. Teachers should also try their best to cultivate students’ critical thinking in teaching so that their knowledge will not grow at the expense of imagination.

In the end, knowledge is infinite and truth is relative. Knowledge is learned to develop truth, not superstition.

“After a thorough understanding of Western education, Dr. Yue discovered that Western education is fundamentally different from us: it cultivates students’ problem awareness and critical thinking from elementary school.

For example, when Chinese people talk about the Revolution of 1911, they must talk about time, place, people, events, meaning, and so on. In the end, students are required to write down all these things like running accounts. Americans will ask students to do group research and discuss their problems in the war of independence.Whether it happened or not, in the end, whether or not an independent war will happen is a question.

  ”Actually, I am a product with standardized thinking,” Dr. Yue said, “The reason why I cannot see the moon as a lamp is because my understanding of the moon is highly academic and literary: the moon is the earth.的卫星,月球的直径是地球的1/50,月亮上还住了一位怨女叫嫦娥,李商隐曾诗曰‘嫦娥应悔有灵药,碧海青天夜夜心’……这是典型的成年Thinking, lack of children’s intuitive vision.

, Dr. Yue often regards his son as his best creative mentor.

  ”American education forecasts foster self-confidence. Chinese students often lack self-confidence; American students are often arrogant and Chinese students are often humble.

Dr. Yang Zhenning Yue Xiaodong believes that the inactivation of knowledge is another important factor that leads to the lack of creativity of the Chinese people. It leads to the students’ knowledge acquisition “not seeing trees but not forests, and learning is not useful.”

Completely, knowledge inanimate refers to students’ inability to actively and effectively use what they have learned in their lives, lacking the desire and practice to apply what they have learned.

  ”Knowledge is less and fully used, and there is a sharp contrast with less knowledge and much use. The structure of our knowledge transfer now is to learn less and use less, or uselessly!

“Yue Xiaodong said.

  Many teachers and students believe that the learning in middle school and even university is basic learning. The knowledge that has been learned is not used now and will be used in the future, so it is unnecessary to emphasize the combination of learning and use. This is actually a misunderstanding of knowledge and vitality!

Because if knowledge learning is only for some days in the future, then what day is it?   Western education advocates discovery-based learning and experiential learning, which allows students to immediately see the results of their own learning, while our eastern education is mostly inculcated learning and recitative learning. It expects students to realize after many yearsMy own learning gains are actually very sad.

  What is the ultimate goal of learning?

Whether to get a good grade or to use what you have learned.

One of Dr. Yue’s own personal experiences was instructive.

While studying at Harvard, he found that a sophomore student was contributing to a Japanese magazine while he was studying. He believed that his schooling experience at Harvard was loved by many “fans.”

As a result, the magazine sponsored him to travel to Japan to make a lecture.

This incident greatly touched Dr. Yue, “In my 24 years of student life, the first 22 years of study were to get a good grade. I never thought of selling what I learned, and that studentWhen I was a sophomore, I learned and used it lively, and now I buy it now. This is not the activation of knowledge!

“So Dr. Yue also sorted out his homework, started to submit to domestic magazines, and finally published the first article at the age of 32. It was too late!

  Dr. Yue Xiaodong internally, many colleges and universities made academic reports and found that when he asked, those who have published articles please raise their hands, some doctoral students did not raise their hands.

When you ask, how old are you going to publish your first article? Most people say that they will publish it after the master’s thesis is written.

  This shows that Chinese students are in an inertial thinking, that is, “I have very little knowledge now, what qualifications do I have to publish articles” or “What I have learned is not solid enough, how can I publish articles”, in contrast, “FamousPsychologist Piaget published an article at the age of 12, and my mentor published an article at the age of 19, and I was all unresponsive!

“Yue Xiaodong said.
  He believes that “the revitalization of knowledge requires the realization of learning-when you are not aware, your learning is always passive, and when you begin to become aware, knowledge becomes active and can be realized earlier.Realize its value.

“So, the study of knowledge should make people more and more self-confident and proactive, rather than more and more inferior and passive.

  ”If someone claims to have learned to think, most people think he is thinking logically.

“-Edward, an innovation educator?


In the opinion of Dr. Yue Xiaodong, the development of divergent thinking is another important reason for the lack of creativity of the Chinese.

  Psychology believes that convergent thinking is based on logical thinking, and it is very interrelated between objects. It tries to form various modes of understanding of external things and pursues the only correct answer to problem solving. Divergent thinking is based on image thinking.It does not highlight the mutual relationship between things, nor does it pursue the only correct answer to the problem. It tries to think about the same problem from different angles and propose different answers.

  In fact, convergent thinking is logical thinking, deductive, inductive thinking, and divergent thinking is imagination, which is image thinking.

For example, in aggregate thinking, 1 plus 1 can only be equal to 2; but in divergent thinking, 1 plus 1 can have various answers, such as equal to 3 (such as a couple getting married and having a child) and equal to 1 (two people working together and twisting togetherRope), is equal to 0 (two people are in conflict, and dismantle each other).

In Chinese, it can also be equal to two, ten, king, Tian, etc., all kinds are manifestations of divergent thinking or imagination.

  ”The simultaneous development of convergent thinking and divergent thinking can enable people to have both a knowledge base and an innovative ability.

Unfortunately, in today’s education system, the development of convergent thinking is often sacrificed at the expense of divergent thinking.

In fact, after a person enters school, his imagination is declining through the continuous improvement of his logical thinking ability.

This situation reached the peak of high school!

It leads students to think how to get things simple, how to save things, how to do things, and to fix the psychological set and function of all things in the world.

At present, Chinese students lack the complementarity of convergent thinking and divergent thinking in their thinking training, and they cannot develop innovative thinking.

Dr. Yue opened a course on innovation and problem solving at the City University of Hong Kong. During the class, he often did divergent thinking activities with students, such as answering the questions in “Brain Turn” and found 100 uses of the cupIn order to cultivate students’ ability to find differences, reverse thinking, and problem consciousness, these activities are welcomed by students.

  Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and imagination summarizes everything in the world, promotes progress and is the source of knowledge progress.

Dr. Yue believes that Einstein’s success lies in the simultaneous development of his divergent thinking and convergent thinking, which are complementary to each other, and not substitute and conflict with each other as in our education system.

  ”Innovation in everyday life is the greatest expression of creativity and the greatest expression of personal success.

—— Dr. Steinberger Yue Xiaodong, a well-known American psychologist, believes that “the extraordinary recognition of creativity” is also an important factor hindering the development of Chinese creativity.

The Chinese people’s understanding of creativity has always been influenced by the “extraordinary” view, that is, to link creativity with major breakthroughs and inventions in science and technology, and believe that creativity is the specialty of a few talented people and a manifestation of special abilities.

  In the eyes of many Chinese, only Copernicus discovered the laws of the sun and the earth and established the heliocentric theory; Pasteur discovered the rabies vaccine; Darwin discovered the laws of biological evolution, and discoveries such as the theory of evolution can be regarded as creation.

 ”If we look at creativity like this, we ordinary people will never be able to make a difference in our lives, because we can almost never reach the standards of Newton, Edison, Einstein.

“Yue Xiaodong said.
  In this way, he pointed out that we must step out of the “mundane theory” of creative cognition, vigorously advocate the “ordinary theory” view, combine creativity with peaceful innovation and change, and think that creativity is inherent to people.The ability needs to be continuously developed and utilized.

In fact, creativity is diversified, living, and ubiquitous in life.

  ”Every year around the Spring Festival, Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong serve a dish called ‘Gold and Silver’.It is actually scrambled eggs, in which the yolk is gold and the protein is silver. It is auspicious, highlighting the creativity of life!

Dr. Yue also cited the example of Zheng He, who led a fleet of 10,000 people to the west, which is a manifestation of his extraordinary creativity.

But what people don’t know is that Zheng He invented Mahjong according to the wind direction in the voyage, the bamboo tube storing water, the copper coins of the crew, etc. Although this is an expression of ordinary creativity, it has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese nation!

  Therefore, in the process of education, we must help the number of students worship the academic authority, and use education to improve the self-confidence of the students and discover the various manifestations of ordinary creativity.

  Expert Profile Yue Xiaodong, a well-known psychologist and a PhD in Harvard University’s Department of Human Development and Psychology, is currently teaching at the Department of Applied Sociology at City University of Hong Kong.

Further research in psychological counseling, innovative thinking, youth idolatry, etc.

  Four recommendations from other experts on stones help you to improve your creativity. Under the current educational environment and cultural traditions, what methods can we use to improve our creativity?

Dr. Xiaodong Yue first proposed a new understanding of the meaning of creativity.

  Based on this, he made an image metaphor: “Creativity is to make familiar things strange, and then to make strange things familiar.

“In his view, most of Edison’s inventions have such characteristics, and the search for 100 uses of cups is a direct expression of creativity.

  In essence, Dr. Xiaodong Yue suggested that the cultivation of multiple thinking and critical consciousness should be strengthened, and the inertia of precise thinking standardized.

He also proposed to do more activities such as “one solution and one solution” and “multiple solution and one solution”. For example, 1000 consists of 8 8s, which can be 8 + 8 + 8 + 88 + 888 = 1000, or (8888-888) = 8 = 1000.

This thinking game will form a habit of creative impulse and multiple thinking from a young age, and “Brain Turn” is the best activity of “multiple questions and one solution”.

  Third, the leadership of Dr. Yue should strengthen the consciousness of learning, and find ways to use the knowledge learned.

Yue Xiaodong pointed out that the “case teaching method” advocated by American universities is to avoid teachers’ “full house” and encourage students to take the initiative to think.

In the textbooks of western universities, there are some exercises that train critical thinking at the end of each chapter to help students realize their vitality.

  Finally, Dr. Yue advocates strengthening cross-learning methods.

Mathematics master Hiebert said: “Why in our generation can Einstein say the most insightful and profound things about space and time?

This is because he has not learned all the philosophy and mathematics of time and space.

Dr. Yue Xiaodong believes that this famous saying speaks of the great significance of cross-learning to inspire people’s creativity. It makes people jump out of the traditionally formed pitfalls and will continue to have surprising new discoveries.

4 ways to repel mosquitoes

4 ways to repel mosquitoes

There are many mosquitoes in summer, and we have bitten our hands and feet with a lot of itchy “big bags”, some of which have left ugly scars, which makes many people very troubled.
In fact, we can take some effective measures to eliminate mosquito interference.
Below, I will introduce four major methods of mosquito repellent in summer.
Vitamin B1 Mosquito Repellent Prepare a small sprayable cosmetic bottle with 5 tablets of vitamin B1.
Fill the vial with water, shake it evenly after placing it in the tablet, and spray it on your arms, legs, body, etc. before going to bed.
If you go to the wild, you can directly consume vitamin B1 3-4 days in advance, which can also effectively prevent mosquitoes.
After spraying with this homemade mosquito repellent, even if wearing shorts, it was not bitten all night, which is very effective.

The electric mosquito repellent pupae are placed indoors after being energized, but remember to keep the indoor air flowing.
The mosquito repellent principle of electric mosquito repellent is to inhale pyrethrum and other mosquito coils and evaporate after heating. If a few drops of wind olein are added, the effect is better. When trying electric mosquito coils, mosquitoes will never be seen!

Cool oil plus jasmine mosquito repellent 1 box of cool oil and 2 bowls of blooming jasmine flowers can be placed in the room (Milan, roses, tuberose, etc. can also be placed).
Mosquitoes can’t stand the aroma of these flowers. After trying this method, mosquitoes are indeed rare.

Light-colored clothing mosquito repellent can wear some light-colored clothes in hot summer, because mosquitoes like to stop on black clothes.
After doing such a small experiment, placing the basins with black pants and white pants on the balcony, it was found that there were no mosquitoes in the basin of white pants and several mosquitoes in the basin of black pants.
  Anti-itching tips: 1.
Soap water.
It can be relieved with alkaline substances. For example, you can dip the soap in water and apply it on the redness and swelling, which can relieve itching in minutes.
  2.Toilet water.
If you want to quickly relieve itching, you can flick it with your fingers, and then apply toilet water, wind oil, etc.
  3.Aloe juice.
When the mosquito bites redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaves, wash it and open it, and rub a few times on the redness and swelling.
Apply or soak the itchy area with saline, which will soften the lumps and effectively relieve itching.
  Everyone loves to dress cool and cool in summer. Mosquitoes always “attack” on us inadvertently, and then leave an itchy and swollen spot, which is really annoying.
It is recommended that you can repel mosquitoes and relieve itching according to the above methods in summer to protect your skin in all aspects.

Evaluation of 6 brands of baby diapers

Evaluation of 6 brands of baby diapers

Tester: The baby girl of 7 catties and 3 pair is 10 catties and 8 pair by 42 days.

  1. Diaper length, fat and thin size and thickness: Red Pampers is the smallest, and it feels small by half a month.

  Hush, the two S sizes of the Mummy Baby are the same length, but the Mummy Baby is wider and has a little leg.

Both of them feel a bit small by 40 days. If you don’t pay attention when you wear them, you will have a little leg loss.

  The curious S number is the largest of all S numbers, and it is more suitable at 40 days.

  The number M of Boo Hsiao is too big at this time.

  The size of Boo Le and M of An Erle are basically the same.

  The thick boo and the boo music are relatively thick, Phoebe promotes?

?The thickness of the pin is about the same as Boo.

  Pampers is centered (but feels thicker when wet).

Mummy baby thickness is almost this level.

  Curious is thinner than other species.

  2. Adhesive and wet urine tips: Hush and Anerle are both sticky adhesives, which are easy to stick to children’s skin and need attention.

  Mummy baby and Curious and Pampers are not adhesive, which is better for children’s skin.

  Hush, Anerle, Phoebe’s have wet urine tips.

  Mommy baby, curious, Pampers does not have a wet urine prompt.

  3. Single chip price:?

Diaper: S Red Pampers: 0.

79 yuan / piece-(36 pieces of red Pangshi S, 28 yuan.

5) No. S Green Pampers: 1.

43 yuan / piece-(34 pieces of green gang S, ¥ 48.

5) Mommy Baby S62: 1.

26 yuan / piece-(Mummy baby S62, ¥ 78) Hush music S number: 0.

78 yuan / piece-(36 + 15 new Boo S S, ¥ 39.

8) Boo M number: 1.

02 yuan / piece-(28 + 11 new Boo Le M size, ¥ 39.

8) Anerle M: 0.

95 yuan / piece-(An Erle M24, 22 yuan.

8) Curious S number: 1.

73 yuan / piece-(S30 curious, 51 yuan.

9) Phoebe Yellow Promotional Pack M: 0.

91 yuan / piece-(M28, 25 yuan.


Diapers: Curious S diapers: 0.

54 yuan / piece-(S22 + 2, ¥ 12.

9) Curious M diapers: 0.

645 yuan / piece-(M20, ¥ 12.
9) Little naughty M diapers: 0.

795 yuan / piece-(M20, ¥ 15.
9) Note: Generally, the price of online purchase is much cheaper than that of supermarket.

Kufeier is an online shop and also has a store.

Cool Fairy, Red Baby, Leyou, Lijia Baby are the 4 online stores I found, and their prices are basically close.

  Some of the prices written above are bought in supermarkets, and the prices are too expensive for reference only.

  4. Other evaluations:?

Evaluation of diapers Hush is better than Hush.

There is a wet urine reminder, the disadvantage is that the sticky adhesive, you need to be careful not to stick to the baby’s skin.

And because it is breathable, if you change it for too long, BB’s quilt will feel moist.

  But I feel even breathable, if the change takes a little longer, the baby will not do it.

When the little guy arrives for more than 2 months, he will cry with his lips and raise his legs to let you change. After each change, he will be relieved and very funny.

  Pampers Red Pampers S is the smallest of the same number. It starts to legging very early. If you go to Pampers’ fame, it is best to use green instead of red.

Green Gang feels OK, some mothers on the Internet said that this is more suitable for night use.

  The price of the green gang is not low, and it can hold urine.

But many children are more fussy, and a little tide on PP will be noisy to change, so it is meaningless for the diaper manufacturer to highlight one-sided diapers.

The child’s PP is uncomfortable. Can I change it?

There are children who breastfeed at least five or six times a day, basically every three hours.

  The green glue is also non-sticky, which is better.

In addition, I think Green Gang also covers her butt a bit.

  If they are all models of the same level, it seems that Pampers is always slightly smaller than other brands.

(At least M and S numbers are such that Pampers does not show wet urine.

  I rarely see any sale online on Anerle. The one I encountered is a special price in the supermarket. I don’t know if I can get the price.

The overall feeling is very similar to hiss.

There is another feature: the other side of the diaper is a large and a small side leak-proof folds, it is two folds that are almost the same height.

  It feels like covering her ass more than peeing.

The glue is also very sticky to the skin.

  Phoebe Viscose is also the kind that sticks to the skin.

Because the price is certain, many mothers still like to use it.

I used 1 pack of yellow promotional outfits.

  It feels similar to Boo and Anerle in all aspects, but the baby may be a little uncomfortable, and his little butt is a little red.

The evaluation of it is average, but the price is still appropriate.

  There is also a wet urine display.

  One of my classmates, the child is 13 pounds, and returned to the S size. The child’s thighs were drawn with two wrinkles. Moms must pay attention to changing the large size of the child in time.Replace the maximum weight value.

  Mummy Baby’s online evaluation says that Mummy Baby is the softest of all diapers, but I don’t feel anything special. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is relatively wide and a little leg-mounted.

It is too wide, but it is not long enough. After the baby is a little older, it is not long enough, and sometimes it is not worn properly, causing the waist to leak twice.

  However, it is a good practice for Mommy to distinguish between male and female diapers.

  Only those who have used S number are compared with those of other brands.

  Curiosity is generally good, and there is one small problem that is not a problem: Because it has a relatively strong hygroscopicity, after BB pulls the stool, the stool that has been absorbed by the diaper will be dry and stick to the child’s PP before reuseWipes are not easy to wipe off.

The main disadvantage is the high price.
Suitable for children who use less diapers.

  The advantage is that it can accommodate a wider range of body weights.
  My baby spends more on diapers, considering the price factor, so I use more of the above.

  Then add some of the curious U-shaped diapers described below.

  Among the several types of diapers, those who can give a high score in terms of aesthetics are: curious, mommy baby.

  The green gang could be considered good, but once I bought a shopping mall promotion package, except for the little bear, it was a baby elephant or a kitten, and there were those round cartoon heads, and I was sick of it.

  ?Besides, I have seen some mothers on the Internet saying that the naughty diaper is good, but I don’t think it is very good.

One is relatively thick, which is the thickest of these diapers and diapers; the other is that there are no leak-proof folds on it, like a large sanitary napkin with a poor workmanship.

Curious diapers feel thin and double leak-proof.

  If you use diapers, it is recommended to be curious.

Cheaper and better quality.

  Above are the first impressions of the two models.

Later, the naughty paper was changed little by little: the naughty paper diaper must be used with the diaper pocket provided in the package to be fixed on the BB.

Although there is no leak-proof edge, it can absorb liquid well. When used with the diaper pocket in the package, there is no side leakage, and it is generally acceptable.

Life and work are stressful, white-collar workers steal mobile phones to decompress

Life and work are stressful, white-collar workers steal mobile phones to “decompress”

He steals things not for money, only to relieve stress!
Chen Fei, a white-collar worker, sees theft as a way to seek excitement and ease the stress of life.
Yesterday, he was prosecuted by the Changshou District Procuratorate for suspected theft.
  White-collar stole a colleague’s cell phone. In November 2009, Xiao Hu, who worked in Yanjia Industrial Park, Changshou District, stole his cell phone while charging it in an employee dormitory.
One month later, the person who stole the cell phone was caught, and it turned out to be Xiao Fei’s colleague Chen Fei.
Strangely, after Chen Fei stole Xiao Hu’s phone, he did not use it or sell it. He kept hiding in his closet.
  ”Chen Fei and I have good jobs. The economic conditions are okay. The roof is not worried about eating or wearing. I don’t know why he did this kind of thing.
Chen Fei’s wife found it difficult to understand after learning about the incident.
After the case was transferred to the People’s Procuratorate, after patient inquiry by the prosecutor, Chen Fei finally revealed the motive for stealing the cell phone.
  Stealing in order to dispel stress. It turned out that during that time, Chen Fei had an argument with his wife, and had conflicts with his colleagues in the factory. In addition, his body was uncomfortable, but there was no way to vent, so he was very irritable.
On the day of the incident, Chen Fei returned to the dormitory after work and found that Xiao Hu’s newly bought mobile phone happened to be on the desk to charge.
At this time, an idea flashed into Chen Fei’s mind: Now that there is no one in the dormitory, why not steal Xiao Hu’s phone?
  This idea made Chen Fei feel both scared and irritating, and eventually couldn’t stand the temptation. He hurriedly packed Xiao Hu’s phone in his pocket.
  During the interrogation process, Chen Fei repeatedly stressed his difficulty in stealing mobile phones.
Prosecutors told Chen Fei that many people have psychological pressure and there are many ways to find relief, but do not use illegal methods, otherwise they will be subject to legal sanctions.

Cooking tips for white radish

Cooking tips for white radish

Introduction of raw materials.

hzh {display: none; }  White Radish白萝卜是萝卜的一种,为十字花科萝卜属莱菔的新鲜根。There are many varieties of radish, including white, red and green, but white radish is the most common.

  Radish one or two years old herb.

Root fleshy, oblong, spherical or conical, root bark green, white, pink or purple.

Stems erect, stout, implanted, hollow, branched from base.

Basal leaves and lower stems have long stalks, usually with large heads pinnately divided, coarsely hairy, lateral lobes 1?
3 pairs, with serrated or notched edges; in the stem, the upper leaves are oblong to lanceolate, with small upwards, not split or slightly split, and do not hold the stem.

Racemes, terminal and axillary.

Flowers pale pink or white.

Long-horned fruit, not dehiscent, nearly conical, straight or slightly curved, with seeds constricted into bead-like, apex with long beak, beak length 2.

5 cm, fruit wall spongy.

Seed 1?
6 capsules, reddish-brown, round, fine-grained.

The area of origin is widely cultivated in various places, and there are many varieties. Carrots (turnips), green radishes, white radishes, water radishes, and heart beauty are common.

The root is for food and is one of the main vegetables in the country. The seed contains 42% oil and can be used for making soap or lubricating oil.

Seeds, fresh roots, and leaf radishes are used as medicines, and their functions can be used to eliminate gas.

Raw radish contains amylase to help digestion.

  Nutrition analysis 1.

Enhance the body’s immune function: Radish is rich in vitamin C and trace elements zinc, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance; 2.

Help digestion: The mustard oil in radish can promote peristalsis in the body, increase appetite and help digestion; 3.

Help the absorption of nutrients: the amylase in radish can break down the starch in food, aunt, so that it is fully absorbed; 4.

Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Radish contains lignin, which can improve the vitality of macrophages and engulf debris.

In addition, a variety of enzymes contained in radish can decompose carcinogenic amine nitrite and have anti-cancer effects in related populations1.

Most people can eat it.


Radish-like cold and intestinal, those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea should be cautious or less; gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, simple goiter, threatened abortion, uterine prolapse and other patients should not eat.

  Food phase grams of white radish avoid ginseng, American ginseng with the same food.

  Production guide 1.

Radish can be eaten raw, fried, medicated, cooked, or decoction, mashed, or topically applied to the affected area.

It is suitable for cooking, mixing, and making soup, as well as ingredients and garnishes.


There are many types of radishes. It is better to eat raw ones with more juice and less spicy taste. Usually, those who do not like cold foods prefer cooked food.


Radish is the main diarrhea and carrot is the supplement, so it is best not to eat both together.

If you want to eat together, you should add some vinegar to reconcile to facilitate nutrient absorption.

White radish should be eaten raw, but care should be taken within half an hour after eating to prevent its active ingredients from being replaced.

  Therapeutic effect Radish tastes sweet, spicy, cool, enters the lungs, stomach, lungs, large intestine meridian; 清 has the effect of clearing heat and refreshing fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding, widening the middle air, digesting and stagnation, appetizing and strengthening the spleen, smoothing the phlegm;For abdominal distension, fasting, abdominal pain, cough, and sputum.

I knew my husband was gay after 12 years of marriage

I knew my husband was gay after 12 years of marriage

The newspaper (reporter tension) The landlord couple rented upstairs to the young male Wang Peng (pseudonym). Since then, the husband often went upstairs to “play” with Wang Peng, and even stayed in Wang Peng’s rented building.

The wife felt strange, but did not notice anything.

When Wang Peng rented a house for two months and left, he told the landlord’s wife that the landlord often manually manipulated him in his room, and even . At this time, the landlord’s wife realized why her husband had been indifferent to her for many years.

At the same time, the landlord’s wife confirmed the incident from other sources and separated from her husband.

Two months later, his wife filed for divorce.

  Before marriage-husband is an “honest” man Mei Li (pseudonym) and Yin Jun (pseudonym) met each other in October 1992 after being introduced by a friend.

At the beginning of her understanding, Mei Li was attracted by Yin Jun’s temperament and character. Mei Li felt that Yin Jun was a good person. In the half-year period of dating, Yin Jun, a boyfriend, was very “gentleman” and a gentleman.Manner-Whenever two people have the opportunity to be alone, Yin Jun is always in good order and never manipulates Mei Li.

This made Mei Li feel that she had found an honest man.

  Due to Yin Jun’s “outstanding” performance in front of Mei Li, more than half a year later, Mei Li decided to marry this “good man”.

In April 1993, Mei Li and Yin Jun received a marriage certificate and became husband and wife.

  After Marriage-After the husband did not “sexually” marry the wife, the two entered a sweet wedding life.

Instead, the wife’s perception of her husband slowly changed.

In the life of husband and wife, no matter what Mei Li seems to be, she can’t talk about her husband’s “sexual interest”.

And her husband has been very cold about it.

Even so, Mei Li still felt nothing.

Because she thinks her husband may be really not “sexually interested” in such things.

  In 1995, Mei Li and Yin Jun ushered in the crystallization of their love-the child was born.

  In September 2004, Yin Jun and Mei Li’s family came to Wang Peng, a young male tenant, who rented a house upstairs for the couple to stay temporarily.

  After checking in, the male tenant looks for work during the day and returns in the afternoon or evening.

Mei Li found that as soon as Wang Peng returned to his residence, Yin Jun often ran upstairs to “play” with Wang Peng, and it was continuous every time.

What makes Mei Li unable to understand is that in order to “play” with Wang Peng, Yin Jun even ignored the children and even lived with Wang Peng from time to time.

At first, Mei Li always felt that her husband might be too playful and didn’t care too much.

But two months later, when Wang Peng asked to check out and no longer rented a house, he only said something that surprised Mei Li: “Yin Jun often came up to me and kicked me, and asked to sleep with me at nightI really can’t take it anymore and don’t want to rent it anymore.

“Investigation-I know that my husband is gay Wang Peng is gone, but leave a question mark for his wife Mei Li-is it true that her husband who has lived with him for 12 years is gay?

To confirm that everything Wang Peng said is true.

Mei Li came to a factory where Yin Jun used to work and found several men who had worked with Yin Jun.

The men told Mei Li that when Yin Jun was in the factory before, the public bathroom in the factory had manually operated on other male colleagues.

  Mei Li couldn’t believe her ears. She finally found some of her husband’s male friends and asked them if her husband had intimate behavior with men. Similarly, these male friends were confirmed.

  At this time, Mei Li understood that her husband’s “gentleman” and “gentleman”, and her husband’s indifference after marriage were originally because her husband was “sexually interested” in men.

After 12 years of marriage, her husband concealed herself for 12 years. The more she thought about it, the more disgusting she was, she proposed to divorce her husband.

But there was no attachment because of family dissuasion.

  Ridiculous-An accident happened to his father-in-law, but then something happened that completely destroyed Mei Li and Yin Jun’s marriage.

When summer came, Mei Li’s father took a seat on the chaise longue, and Yin Jun, who was playing at his father-in-law’s house, actually kicked the old man’s feet.

For the first time, the old man was obstructed by emotion and did not speak up, but stopped Yin Jun’s behavior.

  However, it was unexpected that Yin Jun dared to come for the second time. At this time, his father-in-law was very angry and accused Yin Jun of immoral behavior.

The whole family knew about Yin Jun’s sexual orientation and ordinary people.

  After learning about the incident, Mei Li became even more intolerable and separated from Yin Jun.

Shortly after the separation, Mei Li filed a petition for divorce with the court.After the court hearing, Mei Li and Yin Jun were allowed to divorce.

  News in depth: Husband homosexuality is like extramarital affairs. A legal expert believes that a husband has an improper relationship with a man, and a husband has an improper relationship with other women.

  According to the above-mentioned case, the reporter interviewed experts on marriage law.

The expert told reporters that according to the provisions of the previous Marriage Law, husbands and wives have a faithful obligation to marriage. Regardless of whether the faulty party has an improper relationship with the opposite sex or same sex, they are all unfaithful to the marriage and have the same natureof.
  At the same time, the American jurist expert, do not look at homosexuals in an alternative way. They just have different sexual orientations, but they are normal in themselves.

From medical research, homosexuals are only slightly different genetically from ordinary people.

Do you know beer when you drink beer regularly?

Keep in mind that “three don’t eat” is healthier!

Do you know beer when you drink beer regularly?
Keep in mind that “three don’t eat” is healthier!

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Drinks, in the street stalls, gatherings, can be seen everywhere in the shadow of beer.

There are many benefits to drinking beer, but there are some taboos for drinking beer. Today, we will explain some basic precautions for drinking beer. I hope everyone can pay more attention when drinking beer in the future.

The Benefits of Drinking Beer Beer is a beverage that contains nutrients and is well balanced.

Sintering the beer during a meal can be accompanied by a meal and can also be enjoyed.

In addition, beer has a certain effect on relieving mental tension.

Therefore, beer is a simple hobby drink, and it is also considered a nutritional supplement.

1, beer has a diuretic effect It has been found through research that the diuretic effect of beer is mainly related to the nucleic acid inducer of solid metabolism after beer fermentation, in addition to the action of alcohol itself.

The diuretic effect of beer can be used to treat diseases such as urinary redness.

2, beer has the role of promoting the secretion of gastric juice, mainly from alcohol, as well as from the tannins contained in the raw materials and other substances.

When injecting beer, it promotes the secretion of gastrointestinal hormones in the gastric pyloric mucosa, coupled with the stimulation of carbon dioxide gas, resulting in the secretion of gastric juice, thereby increasing the appetite.

3, beer with low-salt foods for those with nephrotic syndrome and heart failure, it is absolutely forbidden to use strong alcohol and strict control of sodium intake.

However, after proper replenishment of beer, the moderate conversion and low salinity contained in the beer will not bring the deficiency of transformation to the patient, and it can also achieve the purpose of long-term and strict restriction of salt replacement.

Some data indicate that proper injection of beer can prevent high blood pressure and prevent the accumulation of plasma in the blood.

Drink beer, remember “three do not eat” 1, drink beer does not eat seafood beer with seafood, is definitely the favorite combination of most people, but, in the hot summer, it is best not to choose this match, otherwise super easy to cause gout, harmhealth.

Most seafood, the content of strontium is high, the body is mixed with sputum, metabolism in the body produces uric acid, once the body itself is poorly metabolized, plus a large amount of beer, it is easy to induce gout due to elevated blood uric acid levels.

Human metabolism is prone to imbalance and increase uric acid secretion.

In the long run, too much uric acid will accumulate in the human body, uric acid can not replace the body, it will easily lead to excessive accumulation of sodium salt, forming urinary calculi.

2, drink beer, do not eat persimmon alcohol, bitterness, bitterness, hot, poisonous persimmons, cold, they should not be the same food, wine can be secreted and propagated into the stomach, when they meet the crystal acid in the persimmon, they form aThick viscous material, easy to twist cellulose, forming persimmon, causing intestinal obstruction and other foods rich in residual acid, can react with the nutrition in beer, leading to “gastric persimmon disease”, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.Therefore, you must pay attention to when eating. 3, drink beer, do not eat pickled foods, food can not be eaten with beer, such as cured meat, marinated sausage, pickled fish.

And smoked food can not be eaten with beer, such as smoked chicken, smoked fish, bacon and so on.

This is because pickled and smoked foods, if eaten with beer, can cause carcinogens in the human body and endanger people’s health.

Drink beer tips 1 , beer to bring foam to cool down. Most people drink beer when the beer foam disappears almost to drink, this is actually a misunderstanding.

The original person introduced that the beer made of foam has a cool and refreshing effect, which is the role of heat dissipation.

Because carbon dioxide enters the stomach, it is discharged to the outside of the body by snoring after being inflated by heat, thereby taking away the trajectory and having the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat.

Foam content in beer The foam in carbonated beverages, in addition to carbon dioxide, also contains a large amount of protein, which can lighten the bitterness of beer and the irritating effect of alcohol on the body. It can also replace direct contact between air and wine to reduce beer.Oxidation.

Therefore, when drinking beer, it is easy to incorporate foam. Through the digestion of foam and the release of carbon dioxide, people can enjoy the refreshing taste of beer and the aroma of hops to a large extent.

2, after the autumn exercise, avoid drinking beer in the summer, some people after oral exercise, thirsty, often drink a beer.

In fact, doing so often has the potential to cause gout.

Scientists have found that after the high blood pressure exercise, the concentration of uric acid in the blood of the beer is increased. When the uric acid excretion fails, it will precipitate at the joints of the human body, causing arthritis and gout.

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15 abnormal parents of newborn babies don’t panic

15 abnormal parents of newborn babies don’t panic

From the moment the baby is born, it becomes the focus of care for the family. In fact, some abnormalities of newborn babies are not pathological. Parents do not need to be overly alarmed and focus on handling properly.


Physiological jaundice is mainly due to the hypoxic environment in which the high blood pressure stimulates the production of red blood cells in the uterus, so that the source of early bilirubin in neonates is more than that in adults. In addition, the absorption of bilirubin by neonatal liver cells, combined withAnd poor excretory function, it can cause physiological jaundice.

Usually after birth 2?
Appears in 3 days, 7?
14 days subsided.

The general condition is good, self-limiting, no treatment is needed, and it is good after healing.


Sneezing newborns occasionally sneezing is not a cold, because the nasal blood flow of newborns is more vigorous, and the nasal cavity is small and short. The presence of external small substances such as cotton wool, fluff, or dust will stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause mockeryThis can also be said to be a way for the baby to manually manage the nasal cavity instead of manually.

You can also sneeze when you suddenly encounter cold air.

Unless your baby has a runny nose, parents do n’t need to worry about it and do n’t let their baby take cold medicine.


Peeling Almost all newborns will have peeling, even slight dandruff or peeling like a snake. As long as the baby eats and sleeps, it is normal to sleep.

Peeling is because the stratum corneum, the top layer of the newborn’s skin, is underdeveloped and easily displaced.

In addition, the basement membrane of the neonate with the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped, which makes the connection between the epidermis and the dermis not close enough, which increases the chance of epidermal displacement.

This peeling phenomenon may occur in all parts of the body, but with limbs and slightly behind the ears, as long as it becomes a natural shift in the bath, there is no need to take special protective measures or forcibly peel off the peel.

If peeling is accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling or blisters, it may be a sign and you need to see a doctor.


Neonatal erythema. Some neonates will have redness on their skin for the first time, with red spots the size of their fingertips.

This may be caused by the cold and dry external environment and the effects of toxins.

Last 1?
After 2 days, it gradually subsided, and desquamation occurred. It was common in the soles of the feet, the center of the feet, and the wrinkles. After desquamation, the skin was pink.


Newborns with chestnut rash often have needlepoint-sized yellow and white spots on the nose, nose and tip, which are caused by the accumulation of sebaceous glands. They are called chestnut rash, not pustules, and will disappear naturally after molting.