Leek has the most detoxifying effect in spring

Leek has the most detoxifying effect in spring

The quality of chives is the best in spring, followed by late autumn, and the worst in summer.

Chinese medicine experts recommend that you should eat leek in spring to improve your immunity.

  Leeks have their unique fragrance.

The unique aroma of chives is formed by the sulfides contained in them. These sulfides have a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps the body improve its immune system.

  These sulfides in chives can also help the body absorb vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Therefore, if chives are matched with pork foods rich in vitamin B1, it is a more nutritious way to eat.

However, sulfides are volatile when heated, so you need to fry them quickly when curing leeks.

  Leeks are also rich in cellulose, which are higher than those of shallots and celery, which can promote tandem peristalsis and prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer. At the same time, it can reduce the absorption of diabetes, prevent and treat arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases.
  Although leek has many benefits for the human body, it is not good for more.

Leek’s crude fiber polysaccharide is not easy to digest and absorb. Eating too much at one time often causes diarrhea. It is best to control 100 grams to 200 grams in a meal, not more than 400 grams.

Establishing Women’s Extramarital Psychology

Establishing Women’s Extramarital Psychology

The general process of women’s extramarital affairs is “disgusting the old and loving the new”, “abandoning the old and the new”, and rarely “loving the new and not tired of the old”. They are often more brave and persistent than men in the pursuit of extramarital happiness. Many people dare to despiseMainstream culture, withstanding all kinds of social pressures, even giving up child rearing and property benefits, and resolutely breaking away from her husband, but has not seen her lover take a substantive step, so that she has a dilemma and a dilemma.

The reason why women often break down when they empathize and fall in love is because: First, most women regard love as the main theme of their lives, and they will only take the risk to try extramarital affairs if they “love” their lover.And in the love, lightly believe in the promise of the master, thereby obsessively, and devouring all his own interests to “day, day and night, weaving the net.”

In order to reunite with their loved ones, they ignore their career prospects, look at their parents and children, and even willingly sacrifice the most precious reputation of women. Some of them are still waiting hard when their wishes have become a dream.Daydreaming, even lifelong marriage or love.

  In fact, it is often difficult for women to separate sex from affection. Unlike men, they can be entertained without love, and they can also have sexual pleasure without love. Only when their emotional needs are satisfied, they are willing to give sex and achieve sexuality.Blending, uniting spirit and flesh.

While their cohesion with their lovers is increasing day by day, their relationship with their husbands is deteriorating, and they are becoming increasingly unable to endure the torment of “being in Cao Yingxin and Han”, so only by breaking this embarrassing multi-angle love entanglement earlyRelieve the pain of tears, mental and physical.

  Thirdly, the wife and the extra-marital heterosexual are very close together, often being humiliated in public by her husband, brutally beaten or sexually abused.

Even if some women have a regretful intention, the husband often finds it difficult to build trust again due to strong possessiveness and distorted hatred. Some also severely deliberately restrict his wife’s schedule, interpersonal relationships, hobbies, etc.Her self-esteem was severely damaged, and she was accused of divorce for failing to endure her husband’s suspicion, alienation, and revenge.

Some wives originally only had good feelings and normal interactions with the opposite sex outside the marriage, but the radical behavior of the husband instead increased the centripetal force with the opposite sex outside the marriage and resolutely broke up with the husband.

  In short, in real life, it is rare that extramarital affairs can have a happy ending. Although the conflict between the men and women ends the relationship, it is only due to their hypocrisy.

In addition to men’s more important career prospects, more realistic, but also often because his wife is not at fault and can not bear the divorce.

However, if a husband and wife have to bear the moral responsibility to their wife, they should not indulge themselves in the first place. Otherwise, they will be riding a tiger and will bring a devastating blow to the lover who hopes to reunite Feng Feng.

  Extreme, women who are more persistent, dedicated, and more involved in extramarital affairs often fall deeper and suffer more damage in this beautiful trap.

Their good old days are often out of touch with the harsh reality. Their efforts do not always get the expected return. After their instant sweetness and happiness, they are often accompanied by overcoming and sourness. Therefore, they think and thorough understanding is especially necessary for them.

If they have some understanding of the psychological differences between the two sexes, they can make rational judgments about whether “what they want” and “what they can get”, maybe they will be more cautious when replacing the extramarital love minefield.

Absolutely Beautiful Yoga Exercises


Absolutely Beautiful Yoga Exercises

Boat-style 1 lies on his back with his palms facing down.

Inhale, raise your upper body at the same time, keep your head upright and legs (as long as your thighs are off the ground), keep in line with your toes.

Exhaling slowly returned to the supine position on the ground.

Relax your body.

Repeat five times.

  Boat 2 repeats the same steps, but this time inhales and clenches his fists, tightens his muscles, tries to lift his body, and holds his breath for a while.

Quickly return to the ground to relax when exhaling.

Repeat five times in a rowing style with your legs straight and your legs extended forward and folded.

Make a rowing motion, try to reverse the length when you are forward, and repeat ten times.

Then swipe backwards and repeat ten times.

  Sit back and straighten your legs and push forward with your hands stretched, your arms crossed with your fingers crossed and your shoulders straight.

Just move your body from the waist to make it move horizontally. Repeat ten times clockwise and ten times counterclockwise.

Housewife Tricks-Husband’s Relationship

Housewife Tricks-Husband’s Relationship

Male friends.

Almost all men still like to associate with their former boyfriends after marriage. This is a vast world, which makes them obtain emotional satisfaction and psychological balance.

This cannot be provided by gender relations.

  When husbands and friends are together, they are more willing to talk about their troubles, because they do not want to appear in front of their wives as weak people.

Their helplessness and extreme annoyance can only be expressed vividly in the presence of their close friends.

This is a human need.

  The wife should be considerate and understanding of the friendship between husband and friend.

  not limited.

The wife should be considerate of her husband from the bottom of her heart, and realize that sometimes the language and emotions between the husband and wife cannot completely make the husband express his own hobbies and interests.

There is a husband and wife who love calligraphy and carving art, and usually like to meet with friends, discuss calligraphy, carving and other issues, and talk about it late at night.

His wife never restricts, and these friends come to visit the family on New Year’s Day. The wife always takes the initiative to do housework and entertains.

As a result, the husband’s artistic accomplishment and the feelings between husband and wife are increasing day by day.

  No problem.

A man once said, “I was most moved that my wife’s least concern for me and my boyfriend was time and money.

It turned out that his wife gave him plenty of time to spend with his friends and never saved money, so her friends’ friends respected her very much.

  Not unionized.

Husband talking with friends is an emotional release.

What they say is mostly what they know, understand and feel.

Wife should respect their social activities and not inquire about many things in detail.

Of course, interrogation is necessary, and this is also concerned, but if everything is asked, the sentence “full root” is not appropriate.

  Female friends.

Women are susceptible to suggestions, talking to female friends, and even more implicitly and indirectly, women will quickly understand, accept, and cause resonance and sympathy.

This is one of the reasons why men need female friends.

  Men’s psychology expects to find all kinds of friends, especially from female friends, to find different qualifications from male friends and their wives.

The husband associates with a female friend in the same way as a male friend, and there are also reasons for his association, some work reasons, life help and so on.

  It is irrational to express dislike to her husband’s female friends and colleagues.

The best way to deal with it is to turn your husband’s girlfriend into your own friend, participate in their interactions and activities, and gradually become their good friends.

  As for the husband’s former lover, the wife should pay more attention to methods.

The husband broke up with his former lover, but it is undeniable that they had a good past.

For the husband, he does not want to mention the past. A sensible wife should try not to mention such a topic in front of her husband, let alone deliberately ridicule and ridicule her husband when she conflicts with her.

This will not only stimulate the husband’s self-esteem, but also make the husband doubt the current love, and the boots affect the relationship between the husband and wife.

  In short, a generous wife should treat people with special temperament, grace, and cultivation, so as to become a woman admired by all the men and women of her husband.

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent auntie liver_1

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent abnormal liver

There is no doubt that people who rarely participate in aerobic exercise are prone to obesity and can subsequently cause heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But scientists have not understood why. A new study published in the journal Physiology shows that aerobic metabolism is related to non-alcoholic mild liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is the key to obesity-related diseases.Can repel NAFLD.

  NAFLD can accumulate abnormally in the liver of patients, and the trace concentrations in patients’ blood vessels are also high, which can increase the risk of obesity.

Researcher John Missouri State University?

Ford noted that a small number of liver diseases will be another symptom of metabolic disorders related to obesity and inactivity, and it will also cause type 2 diabetes.

  In order to test the relationship between oxidative metabolism and harmful livers, the Sford team selectively replaced recombinant mice, which resulted in different aerobic metabolism within the mice.

After breeding for 17 generations, mice with “poor aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 200 meters, while mice with “good aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 1500 meters.

  After 25 weeks of birth, these “poor aerobic capacity” mice showed obvious NAFLD symptoms: their mitochondria continued to degenerate, their ability to slightly consume was poor, and their aunts accumulated.

By its natural death, the rat’s liver had been fibrotic (a precursor to cirrhosis).

  In contrast, “good aerobic metabolism” mice have very healthy livers throughout their lives.

In fact, no actual exercise was performed on the mice.

  This discovery provides for the first time a biochemical relationship between aerobic capacity and unfortunate liver.

Researchers therefore suggest that developing a suitable exercise plan and combining it with implementation may prevent NAFLD.

Four Principles of Medicinal Diet

Four Principles of Medicinal Diet

Medicinal diet has many functions such as health care, disease prevention, etc., and certain principles should be observed in application.

Drugs are effective in curing illnesses, and they are effective in treating illnesses. The medicated diet is often used to protect the body and prevent illnesses.

Medicinal diet has a very important part in health care, health, and rehabilitation, but medicinal diet cannot replace drug therapy.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and should be appropriate to the law depending on the specific person and condition, and should not be abused.

  1. Meal based on evidence: Traditional Chinese medicine talks about syndrome differentiation, and the application of medicated diet should also be compatible on the basis of syndrome differentiation. For example, patients with blood deficiency should supplement blood with dates, peanuts, and patients with yin deficiency should use wolfberry., Lily, Ophiopogon, etc.

Only by using materials based on evidence, can the health effects of medicated diet be exerted.

  2. Different from time to time: Chinese medicine believes that people correspond to the sun and the moon, and the operation of human organs and blood is closely related to climate change in the natural world.

“Cold with cold, hot with hot” means that when using cold medicine, you should avoid the cold winter, and when using warm medicine, you should avoid the hot summer.

The same applies to medicated diets.

  3, due to human diet: people’s physical age is different, they should also make a difference when using medicated meals, children’s physique is delicate, the choice of raw materials should not be cold and hot, elderly people with liver and kidney deficiency, medication should not be warm and dry, pregnant women are afraid of fetal gasShould not be used to promote blood circulation.

This should be paid attention to in the medicated diet.

  4. Different from place to place: different regions, climatic conditions, living habits are different, human physiological activities and pathological changes are also different, some locations deviate, the diet is more warm and spicy, some are cold, more dietIt is hot and greasy, while the Guangdong diet in the south is mostly cool and light, and the same reason applies when using medicated diet selection.

9 nourishing sediments to keep you radiant

9 nourishing sediments to keep you radiant

In addition to the beauty of a woman’s beauty, the inner conditioning is also important.

Women must have good health and enough blood to have a good complexion with white and red.

Women usually eat some tonic soup to condition their bodies. If you add the following 10 kinds of food, I believe women will be more radiant.

  1. Grape Antioxidants Grapes can be rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that fight aging and scavenge free radicals in the body.

  In addition, grapes also contain an anti-cancer trace element (resveratrol), which prevents healthy cells from becoming cancerous and prevents spreading.

Completely grape flesh, grape skin and grape seeds are also very beneficial for women.

The oxidized anthocyanins in grape seeds have an antioxidant effect 18 times higher than that of vitamin C, which can be said to be a true antioxidant star.

  Tips: A large part of the nutrition of grapes comes from grape skins. Even skin-eating is best for women.

  2. Tomato delaying aging research by nutritionists shows that 50 grams to 100 grams of fresh tomatoes per person per day can meet the human body’s needs for several vitamins and minerals.

  Raw tomatoes can supplement vitamin C.

After cooking, the content of lycopene and other antioxidants will increase significantly, thereby reducing cardiovascular risk and anti-aging effects.

  Tips: raw, cooked, and absorbed nutrients are different.

  3. Radiation protection of tea in China, tea culture has a history of thousands of years.

Also in the United Kingdom, tea is known as “the fluid of health, the drink of the soul.

“The tea polyphenols contained in tea have strong antioxidant and physiological activities. They are scavengers of human free radicals and can be synthesized in the body instead of various carcinogens such as amine nitrite.

It can absorb substances in the body to achieve radiation protection, thereby protecting women’s skin.

Washing your face with tea can also remove the greasiness of the face, condense pores, and slow down skin aging.

  Tips: People with poor sleep and poor gastrointestinal function should use it with caution.

  4. Ginger reduces pigmentation Ginger is rich in protein, multivitamins, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

After the gingerol contained in ginger enters the body, it has a strong antioxidant effect, which can prevent or reduce the deposition of lipofuscin and prevent age spots.

Ginger also inhibits vitamin activity.

Drinking ginger tea can also treat mild colds, which is also a common method used by British people.

  Tips: Do not consume too much at one time.

  5, vinegar enhances skin vitality The pH value of the vinegar (the value of the pH value of the solution) is 1.


0, very close to the pH value of human gastric acid.


8. It has the function of regulating the stomach.

The sour taste of vinegar can accelerate saliva secretion and accelerate digestion.

  Acetic acid and citric acid can penetrate food and have strong sterilizing ability.

A Japanese study on vinegar pointed out that vinegar contains higher amino acids, which can help suppress human aging and prevent various elderly diseases.

Washing your face or bathing with vinegar water can make the skin soft and strengthen the skin’s vitality.

  Tips: Use with caution in patients with allergies and hypotension.

  6. Soybean Conditioning Estrogen The main ingredient of soybean is protein, especially the source of protein for vegetarians.

They contain the amino acids necessary for the human body, which are good for muscle repair and regeneration, and for the growth of skin, hair, and nails.

  British studies have found that the estrogen contained in soybeans plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

Consuming 1 cup of milk and 500 grams of fish a day, long-term adherence, can adjust the role of conditioning estrogen balance.  Tips: Eating too much at one time will not digest and may even cause diarrhea.

  7, rice prevents skin dryness Vitamins A, E and B vitamins, amino acids and hydrochloric acid added to rice can effectively prevent skin dryness, prevent skin aging, and at the same time resist pigmentation.

  Rice is also the main source of B vitamins and is an important food for preventing beriberi and eliminating oral inflammation.

Rice soup can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion. Once abnormal absorption can promote it.

  Reminder: It is not easy to digest and it is not recommended to eat more.

  8. Fungi regulate the immune system with high protein, no cholesterol, no starch, low feces, low sugar, and more fiber intake . Edible fungi concentrate all the good characteristics of food, and have the effects of enhancing immunity, anti-radiation, anti-aging and so on.

  The selenium contained in mushrooms is a woman’s “holy beauty”, which can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging, and prevent wrinkles.

American natural therapy medical expert Jessica Black points out that mushrooms are tolerant immune system stimulants and regulators.

  Tips: Carefully distinguish whether the fungus is toxic.

  9, red wine enhances the color Red wine contains more than 200 kinds of beneficial nutrients to the human body, sugar, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, inorganic salts, etc. are very beneficial to the human body.

  Antioxidants contained in wine can fight cancer, anti-aging and prevent platelets from coagulating into vascular endothelium.

Women with cold hands and feet can use red wine to promote blood circulation and make the whole person look better.

For women with mild anemia, red wine can nourish qi and blood circulation, beauty and beauty, and make the skin elastic.

  Warm reminder: one cup a day is enough.

Elderly dose is not equal to adult dose

Elderly dose is not equal to adult dose

Recently, the outpatient clinic encountered an elderly patient who took 1 tablet for 2 tablets when taking isosorbide mononitrate, resulting in shock, and it was saved after being rescued.

After this, it is necessary to remind older patients to pay special attention when taking the medicine.

  Note that the dose of the drug is first taken according to the doctor’s advice, followed by taking the drug according to the instructions.

Due to the absorption of the elderly, the metabolic function is weakened, and the half-life of the drug in the blood is prolonged, which tends to cause accumulation of drugs in the body and produce certain toxic reactions.

Therefore, it is not allowed to take the adult dose as the standard.

It is recommended to use half or 1/3 of the adult amount for other drugs other than antibiotics.

In addition, the conversion of drug doses is usually in milligrams, a few in grams, it is hoped that elderly patients will be taken after clearing each dose to avoid adverse consequences.

  Note that the response after taking the drug is very common in combination with multiple drugs due to the susceptibility of elderly patients.

The balance effect of the elderly is gradually weakened, which causes some drugs to be prone to adverse reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to observe whether there are complications after taking the drug. If there are any patients, they should go to the hospital to see a doctor in time.

It is safer and more reliable if it is used under the monitoring of blood concentration.

Clinically, an elderly patient was encountered. The adverse reaction after infusion was mistaken for a cold. After a detailed inquiry by the nursing staff, it was known that the drug was delayed, and the drug was replaced in time.

In the course of treatment, the cooperation between doctors and patients can be strengthened to reflect the effect of medication.

  Note that the method of taking Chinese and Western medicines is too convenient for elderly patients. It is not appropriate to take Chinese and Western medicine together.

When both Chinese and Western medicines are needed, it is better to have an interval of 1 hour in the middle to avoid drug interaction, alternative efficacy or side effects.

20-35 year old women of childbearing age lack the most nutrition

20-35 year old women of childbearing age lack the most nutrition

At present, young women of childbearing age between 20 and 35 are a huge group, and 14 million pairs of babies are born every year.

However, their health conditions are not so optimistic and there are many nutrition problems.

This will not only affect your own health, daily life and work, but also directly affect the pregnancy of the fetus, which is closely related to continuous health.

So, these are some kind of nutrition problems, how should we correct them?

  Question: What nutrition problems do young women of childbearing age have today?

  Experts say: Survey of Chinese residents’ nutrition and health shows: 1.

The incidence of iron deficiency anemia is high, about 20%.


Underweight or malnutrition accounted for 7.

7%, approximately 7200 million people are overweight and obese.


Vitamin A deficiency, inadequate intake of calcium and supplementary fiber, are also nutritional problems that often occur in young women of childbearing age.

  Question: Why do these nutrition problems occur?

What causes it?

  Experts say: There are several reasons for this: 1.

There is a certain deviation in the understanding of one’s body shape.

  Most young women think that their body shape is fat. This cognitive bias has become an important determinant of their tendency to lose weight, and it is also the reason for some blind pursuit of slimming and dieting behaviors.


Nutrition knowledge is very lacking and there are many misunderstandings.

Among them, 50% of people think that nutrition is “eat more good things” and “eat more meat or eggs”; the correct choice of iron-rich foods is only 0.

6%; only 1 choose vitamin B2 foods.

9%;知道一些食物含钙高只有35%左右;大约40%以上的女性进食早餐的次数太少;听说过《中国居民替代指南》及《中国居民平衡宝塔》的人只有32%左右 3.

There is a general lack of knowledge on nutrition prevention.

About 89% of women do not know that pre-pregnancy weight is too low, which may affect the health of the fetus and the newborn; 80% of women do not know when to start supplementing with folic acid, which can effectively prevent neural tube defects in newborns.


Young women pay too much attention to their appearance and shape.

This often makes them worry about their impact on themselves and their health.


Lack of regular movement.

This will inevitably lead to an increase in sedentary and less exercise time, which can easily cause an imbalance in internal capacity and expenditure, leading to overweight and obesity.

  Question: What are the adverse effects of the nutritional status of young women of childbearing age on their own and continuous health?

  Experts say: Most of them will cause such bad outcomes: 1.

If pre-pregnancy weight is too low, the risk of intrauterine growth retardation or neonatal low body weight increases after pregnancy.

5 and 2.

3 times.


If iron deficiency occurs before pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia is more likely to occur during pregnancy, and boots affect fetal development.

If the weight and weight gain during pregnancy is too low or too high, it can lead to low birth weight and huge children; 新生儿 4.
If you lack folate during pregnancy, you can cause intrauterine growth retardation, premature birth, low birth weight in newborns, lack of early pregnancy and cause neural tube defects . Qustion: How to reduce the nutritional problems of young women of childbearing age in the city?

  Experts say: You can start from the following aspects: 1.

Correcting misconceptions among young women of childbearing age.

For example, you think that the thinner and the more beautiful you are, the weight will be reduced even if you are normal; or you eat too much for obesity, which leads to excess nutrition; skip breakfast or lunch, or eat only certain foods promoted as having special effects; often picky eaters,partial eclipse.


Balanced and reasonable nutrition.

Keep the grain size in the diet, mainly grains; eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes; eat yogurt, beans or soy products often; eat moderate amounts of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, and eat less meat and soy sauceTo ensure adequate nutrition and balance in the body . 3.

Stick to regular exercise.

It is best to insist on walking for 60 minutes or running for 30 minutes every day. If you are busy with work, you can try to change your lifestyle, such as climbing stairs instead of wheelchair elevators; walking instead of riding, or riding your own bicycle to maintain a suitable weight.

  Oils and fats 25 g (half-two) milk and dairy products 100 g (two-two) beans and soybean products 50 g (one-two) livestock and poultry meat 50-100 g (one to two two) fish and shrimp 50 g (1 two) 25-50 grams of eggs (half two to one two) 400-500 grams of vegetables (82 to 1 kg) 100-200 grams of fruits (two to two to two) cereals (including sorghum, corn, oatsEtc.) 300-500 grams (6 two to 1 kg)

Do you know that you are looking for trouble?


Do you know that you are looking for trouble?

① Pay attention to the negative side. Keep in mind how many times you have suffered the price of injustice, or how many times others have been unfriendly to you.

As long as you focus on those bad and disadvantaged things, you will use this negative thinking method to trouble yourself.

  ② The poorest people who make impossible dreams are those who are used to having unrealistic hopes.

If you want to be really discouraged, set your goals too high!

  ③ The stupid golden rule treats everyone else as worthless.

The key to applying this law is to first dislike yourself. Once you reduce your own value, you will find that others are just as shallow, so you dismiss them and become traitors.

  ④ Create barriers, never praise others, and do not use any words of encouragement; secondly, endlessly criticize, provoke, complain, and make a big deal.

This is a wonderful way to create barriers and find trouble.

  ⑤ The mothers who claimed to be martyrs were excessively engaged in housework, and then said to themselves, “No one really hurts me. To our family, I am just a servant.

“My father can also use the same method:” My skeleton is tired, no one takes me seriously, everyone is using me.

“Thinking so often will definitely cause you annoyance, and it will also make people around you annoying and make you feel worse.

  ⑥ “I knew it would be so” syndrome If you expect something bad to happen, most of it will be realized.

  扩大 Snowballing to expand the situation When the problem first appears, it can easily disappear.

Conversely, if the problem continues to expand like a snowball, the person who finally snowballs always follows a simple rule: “If you miss the opportunity to solve the problem, simply drag on.

“This will only make the problem worse, and it will definitely cause your anger and distress to be buried in your heart for months or even years.

  Take others ‘problems to yourself If you take others’ problems to yourself and blame yourself, and blame some people for the responsibility that you don’t like you, then it won’t be long before you become depressed.