How should sciatica be prevented?

How should sciatica be prevented?

Rest on the smelting hard board bed, you can stick to gymnastics on the bed.

It is necessary to combine work with rest, regularize life, and properly participate in various sports activities.

After exercise, pay attention to protect the waist and affected limbs. Underwear should be changed in a timely manner after sweating to prevent clothes from drying out on the body. It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after sweating. Wash after sweating to prevent cold and wind.

During the acute pain period, do not pick up more than 10 pounds (1 pound = 0.

9072 kg) Do not use heavy weights on the legs, arms and back. Push, but do not pull heavy weights.

  In order to avoid pulling the sciatic nerve to reduce pain, patients often have some special pain-relief postures. For example, when sleeping, they prefer to be healthy and prevent sleep, and the hip joint of the affected lower limb is slightly flexed.

Sit with your buttocks on the healthy side while sitting down.

When it is obvious, the body’s center of gravity moves to the healthy side. When bending over to pick up objects, the knee of the affected limb flexes. As time passes, it causes scoliosis, and most of them bend to twist.

Any test that stretches the sciatic nerve can induce or aggravate pain.

There are obvious tenderness along the sciatic nerve pathway: such as the side of the lumbar spine, which is equivalent to a ring jump, at the middle of the acupoint, below the small head of the fibula outside the cross joint, and in the center of the foot.

In addition to pain, there are acupuncture and numbness on the outside of the calf and instep, and the muscles behind the thigh and calf are soft and weak, and there is a mild muscle atrophy over time.

  Sciatic neuritis at the beginning of the disease 5?
10 minutes of pain most script, 6?
He recovered after 8 weeks and gradually returned to normal.

  For adjuvant treatment of pain, apply ice to the affected area for 30-60 minutes, several times a day for two to three days, and then apply the affected area with hot water bags at the same interval. You can also take over-the-counter painkillers such as indomethacin.

  Apply hot towel or cloth hot salt to the waist or buttocks daily before going to bed. The temperature should not be too high, it is better to be comfortable.

  Common sense of prevention Many patients with sciatica can clearly state that the disease is related to a sudden “sprain” of the waist, such as occurring when lifting a heavy object, carrying a heavy object, repeatedly bending over, or falling.

Therefore, when you need to perform sudden weight-bearing movements, you should move your waist in advance to avoid “sprain” of your waist. You should usually do more exercises to strengthen the lumbar muscles and improve the surrounding living environment, which can often reduce the incidence of this disease.

Patients with this disease should seek medical treatment promptly, rest in bed, and cooperate closely with diagnosis and treatment. The prognosis is usually good.

  Matters needing attention The rest on a hard board can be done on the bed.

  It is necessary to combine work with rest, regularize life, and properly participate in various sports activities.
  After exercise, pay attention to protect the waist and affected limbs. Underwear should be changed in a timely manner after sweating to prevent clothes from drying out on the body. It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after sweating. Wash after sweating to prevent cold and wind.

  During the acute pain period, do not pick up more than 10 pounds (1 pound = 0.

9072 kg) Do not use heavy weights on the legs, arms and back. Push, but do not pull heavy weights.

  In order to avoid pulling the sciatic nerve to reduce pain, patients often have some special pain-relief postures. For example, when sleeping, they prefer to be healthy and prevent sleep, and the hip joint of the affected lower limb is slightly flexed.

Sit with your buttocks on the healthy side while sitting down.
When it is obvious, the body’s center of gravity moves to the healthy side. When bending over to pick up objects, the knee of the affected limb flexes. As time passes, it causes scoliosis, and most of them bend to twist.

Any test that stretches the sciatic nerve can induce or aggravate pain.
There are obvious tenderness along the sciatic nerve pathway: such as the side of the lumbar spine, which is equivalent to a ring jump, at the middle of the acupoint, below the small head of the fibula outside the cross joint, and in the center of the foot.

In addition to pain, there are acupuncture and numbness on the outside of the calf and instep, and the muscles behind the thigh and calf are soft and weak, and there is a mild muscle atrophy over time.

  For secondary sciatica, the etiology, history of tuberculosis, trauma, tumor and other medical conditions must be identified first, and go to the hospital for a comprehensive systemic examination. Women should be examined for gynecology.

To find the primary lesion.

X-rays are of great significance in identifying the cause.

A few patients can consider lumbar puncture and angiography if necessary.

The treatment of secondary sciatica is first to remove the cause, such as anti-inflammatory, surgical removal of the tumor, and so on.

The acute stage should rest on a hard board bed.

Pain when given pain and moderate sedatives.

In the early stages of sciatic neuritis, anti-inflammatory and analgesics can be given, such as Yantong Xikang and indomethacin.
Adrenal corticosteroids can also be used short-term.

Orally or intramuscularly inject B vitamins to keep the affected lower limbs warm, combined with acupuncture, physical therapy, physical therapy and massage.
Sciatic neuritis at the beginning of the disease 5?
10 minutes of pain most script, 6?
He recovered after 8 weeks and gradually returned to normal.

  How to exercise for patients with sciatica?

Patients with sciatica are often less active because of fear of pain, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

Patients should exercise in advance on the principle of “within their ability, and exercise appropriately”, especially the exercise of the affected lower limb is more necessary.

Jogging, jogging, and ball games can be performed, and special gymnastics are more beneficial.

  Recumbent gymnastics: The patient lies supine, flexing his legs alternately, straightening his legs in turn, and then lifting his legs up alternately.

At the beginning, the raised angle of the affected lower limb can be smaller than that of the healthy lower limb. After continuous exercise, the raised angle of the affected lower limb can be gradually increased.

  Seated gymnastics: The patient sits on the edge of the bed or chair, with his legs hanging down, his heels on the ground, his toes up, his hands flat on his legs.

After sitting down, gradually bend forward and push your hands toward your feet.

During the initial training, your hands may only reach the lower legs, and you can reach the back of your feet and toes after you exercise.

  Cutting-edge gymnastics: Patients with hands on hips forward, first take turns straight legs to lift forward, then gradually separate the legs forward, bend the knee joints alternately, making the body squat with an arch.

At this time, the lower extremities of the knee joint may not be pulled and stretched.



Citronella is one of the oranges, the meat has a sour taste and the skin has a strong aroma.

Chen Xiangyi used medicine.

  Spicy, sour, non-toxic.

  The skin contains volatile oil, orange juice, bitter ingredients, sulfur-like substances, and fresh products contain vitamin C.

  The function is to lower the qi, remove phlegm, and the qi is painful.

This product is a stomach-invigorating medicine, which is used for indigestion, chest tightness, sputum, vomiting, etc. It is suitable for chronic gastritis and neuropathic gastrointestinal pain.

  [胃病,消化不良,脑闷胃痛]  陈香橼,焙燥研细末30克,川椒、小茴香各12克,共研末混和拌匀,每服3克,一日2次,温开水送服.
  [慢性支气管炎,痰多,喘咳气急]  鲜鱼橼1—2个,切碎放于有盖的碗盂中,加入等量饴糖(麦芽糖),隔水蒸数小时,以香橼稀烂为Degree, one spoon per serving, one morning and one evening, has phlegm, cough, and asthma effects.

Learn to make delicious condiments for confinement

Learn to make delicious condiments for confinement

Confinement should pay attention to health, teach you a few delicious medicated diet, can let you enjoy healthy and delicious.

.  Easy to learn delicious medicinal diet?
Timing of sea bass soup in the first stage of the recipe: it can be used after giving birth, and it can be mixed with medicated diet during confinement.

Efficacy: Activating blood and removing blood stasis; supplementing protein to enhance physical strength.

Material: Half sea bass, ginger 3?
4 tablets, Angelica 3 tablets, 5 jujubes.

Method: Remove the internal organs of the fish; after the water is boiled, add all the ingredients and cook together.

  Timing of flavored biochemical soup: Avoid the period of uterine contraction, about one postpartum?
Use it for two weeks. If the bright red lochia continues in the second week and the amount is large, it should not be used again.

Efficacy: Eliminates lochia and supplements protein.

Materials: Angelica 3 money, Chuanxiong 1 money, Huang Zhi 3 money, Codonopsis 3 money, Chuan Duan 3 money, Eucommia 3 money, wolfberry 3 money, red jujube 3 money,  1 grass.

Method: Add the medicinal materials with pork ribs or black-bone chicken to the electric pot, add 4?
5 bowls of water, add 1 to the outer pot?
2 cups of water, simmer for another hour after cooking, and finally add seasoning.
  The second stage of the four things Eucommia ulmoides soup time: available in the second week after delivery, if the physique is dry, you can change the mature land to raw land.

Efficacy: blood.

Materials: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, Shudi, Eucommia 3 dollars each, moderate waist, ginger.

Practice: 1.

Boil the herbs until there are two bowls of medicinal juice remaining.


Stir the kidneys and ginger and add to the sauce to serve.

  Timing of sesame oil chicken: Do not take it until the second week after delivery and the wound heals smoothly.

Efficacy: Sesame oil helps uterine contraction and regulate metabolism in the body; chicken is rich in protein, which can promote tissue regeneration, of which the bone nutrient is the highest nutrient; ginger can appetite and open sputum, stop vomiting, seasoningTo promote appetite, but be careful of warm and dry and produce dry mouth, bitter mouth, irritability, constipation; rice wine can promote blood circulation, but hot and dry, the amount should not be too large.

  Ingredients: sesame oil, chicken, rice wine, ginger

Stir-fry ginger with sesame oil until light brown.


Then put the cooked chicken, wine, etc. together in the casting.

  Timing of Sijunzi Decoction (Spleen-Inducing Water-Draining Decoction): The second week after delivery.

Efficacy: Firstly regulate the gastrointestinal function, remove excess water from the body, and prepare for the later tonic.

Materials: Codonopsis 3 money, Fried atractylodes 2 money, Poria 3 money, Raw licorice 1 money, Yam 5 money, Scutellaria 10 money, Zexie 2 money, Potbelly skin 2 money, Lotus seed 3 money, Red date 2 money, Hawthorn 3 moneyMoney, the right amount of wine, and pork belly, pork intestine, pork ribs, powder sausage alternative.

How to do it: Add 5 to meat?
7 bowls of water. After the wine is almost cooked to 7 minutes, add the prescription and simmer until fully cooked.

  Stage 3 Angelica Ginger and Lamb Soup Timing: Use in the third week after delivery.

Efficacy: Qi and blood supplement.

Materials: 1 kg of mutton, 5 dollars from Angelica sinensis, 2 dollars from Chenpi, 1 cinnamon stick.
5 dollars, 3 Chinese wolfberries, 5 red dates, and ginger.

Practice: 1.

The mutton can be used directly with Sichuan scallops or other incense.


In a separate pot, boil the medicinal materials for 20 minutes with water, the medicinal materials can be removed or not, and the lamb is cooked together for about 1 hour.

Tinker Bell: For cold physique, fry mutton, ginger and sesame oil first.

For hot body, you can remove cinnamon sticks and sesame oil to reduce the amount of ginger.
  Timing of Top Ten Chicken Soup: The third week after delivery.

Efficacy: Nourishing qi and blood, and easy to accept.

Materials: Codonopsis 3 money, Atractylodes 2 money, Chuanxiong 2 money, moxibustion licorice 1 money, Poria 2 money, Angelica 2 money, cooked land 2 money, fried Bai Zhi 2 money, Huang Zhi 5 money, dried ginger 0.

5 money, 2 cinnamon money, 2 wolfberry money, 2 tangerine peel money, 3 eucommia ulmoides 3 money, 3 money off continuity, 2 achyranthes money, 3 psoralen money, 3 meat from Congrong, 1 silk bone chicken

Method: Put the medicinal herbs and silk bone chicken into the electric pot, add 4?
5 bowls of water, add 1 to the outer pot?
2 cups of water, simmer for another hour after cooking, and add seasoning at the end.

Eat fruits to keep your skin supple

Eat fruits to keep your skin supple

In fact, everyone knows that eating more fruits is good for your health, but how to eat fruits, when to eat them, how many servings, and eating the fruits will make the girls’ skin tender and rosy.How about it?

Let’s take a look at the “correct” way to eat fruit right away!


hzh {display: none; }  正确的水果吃法  1、吃水果的时机是什么?  Breakfast, or before meals, or between meals is best!

  Eat fruits for breakfast, or lunch, an hour before dinner, or between meals. Eating fruits can be the most effective.

Because the nutrients of fruits are mainly growing and are easily absorbed, the nutrients of fruits that are eaten will be quickly digested and absorbed in the stomach.

However, if you eat fruit after a meal, because there are still other foods in the stomach waiting to be digested, the fruit has to be left behind, etc., and the effect of easily absorbing nutrients is not achieved, and it will easily cause digestive disorders.

Eating fruit before meals has other benefits, because the same amount of fruit is converted into other foods, so eating fruits before meals becomes full stomach, which will relatively reduce the conversion of other foods.Slimming people are helpful.

  It should be noted that some fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach, such as tomatoes, persimmons, bananas, oranges, sugar cane, litchi, etc., because some special ingredients may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

  2. How much should I eat in a day?

  Eat at least 2 servings.

  I believe everyone has heard the concept of five fruits and vegetables every day. This is the anti-cancer health concept promoted by the United States before. You must eat at least 3 servings of vegetables + 2 servings of fruits a day.

One serving means about 100 grams, which is about a fist-sized fruit. It is almost a diced apple, a small apple, or a kiwi. So you need to eat at least two a day.

And when choosing fruit, try to choose different types of color fruits (different colors represent the differences in nutrients), so that you can absorb different nutrients!

  Purple fruits with different functions of different color fruits: such as blueberries, blackberries, etc., containing anthocyanins, anti-aging.

  White fruits: such as pears, white peaches, etc., contain sulfides and lower cholesterol.

  Yellow fruits: such as citrus, grapefruit, containing carotene, boost immunity.

  Green fruits: such as kiwi, avocado, containing lutein, strong bones and teeth.

  Red fruits: such as watermelon, tomatoes, containing lycopene, health urinary system.

After a kiss, we are everywhere

After a kiss, we are everywhere

In her drowsy drunkenness, she revealed her deep-seated mind for ten years.

  Ten years ago, we were immersed in the best love, but unfortunately his sister was seriously ill and needed huge medical expenses. This is just like a thunderstorm for us who have not worked for a few years.

Only his company owner had the ability to help him, but she asked him to promise to be her lover.

  When he told me the news, my heartache was beyond description.

Although I have thought about it thousands of times in my heart, as long as I can help him, I will do everything, but how can I be willing to let me leave him.

I also know that she likes him very much, but she must get him if she likes it, so she must pay him out if he promises, and I, I love him, I ca n’t bear to watch him struggleIn pain, one side is a younger sister and the other is a lover. How should he choose?

  I lay in my dormitory for a whole day and didn’t want to eat or drink, so I let my tears flow unbridled.

  I can only trade his sister’s life with my love, I decided to quit, I don’t want to carry too much guilt in his heart.

  A few days later I went to see him.

When I opened the door, I saw a wolf on the table, the bathroom door was hidden, and I could hear the sound of spraying water. I pushed the door open for the first time when he took a shower, and the water was filled with water.
At that moment, I only thought of one sentence: to have a deep love with him once and parting again.

I don’t know how many times I have read this verse of Xi Murong, but I haven’t realized it today.

I really don’t want to love him like this for a while, but I don’t know what his body looks like.

  The sound of water stopped for a while and remembered again, I closed the door, and tears filled my face.

I walked over and sat by the bed, stroking his clothes scattered on the bed, a thick smell of smoke, for a while, he was desperately smoking to paralyze himself every day.

I picked it up and smelled it deeply. This once-familiar taste might not be there again.

  The water stopped, and he came out with a warm, fresh smell.

He was obviously thin, with deep melancholy in his eyes.

He came to hold me, what more could he say at that moment.

  That night, I didn’t go, I stayed for the first time.

I always thought I could wait until the day when he put on his wedding gown, and I thought I could wait until the night when the red candle swayed.

But I don’t know it will always be this far.

  He kissed me again and again, tears were flowing and passion was rising.

At that moment, these days, I have only forgotten so much pain at that moment, forgetting the heartache that is about to break up, only beautiful excitement, coming again and again, every time is so beautiful, until we are exhausted.

  Day and night, we didn’t get out of the door.

  A week later, his sister underwent surgery and was very successful.

His parents took care of his sister from his hometown and everything went smoothly.

  Ten days later, on the day of his wedding, I left the city.

  That time was the saddest part of my life. In an unfamiliar city, I closed myself up. I didn’t want to give myself time to remember the past in my hard work.

After work, I was anesthetized in the bar and dormitory.

I don’t know if I will like other people anymore, and when I close my eyes, it is his lingering tenderness.

  Drinking alone in a bar, drunk, severe stomachache, I fainted.

Waking up in a strange room.

  That’s when I met my current lover.

He was a customer in my previous business and happened to meet me that night.

He didn’t know how a girl would drink so much.

Maybe it was because he saw me several times at work, but did not expect that I was so lonely and hurt at night.

  After that he walked into my life, for the first time in this strange city, I felt warm.But I still can’t forget the past, I can’t promise his request.

Just slowly accepted his love.

  Until that time, I was sick, and in the lonely night, I could not bear the pain, and called his phone.

In those days, he stayed beside my bed, and he took care of me even more after he returned from the hospital.

At that moment, I was really touched.

Four years after I left him, I made him his current bride.

  A year later, we had a daughter, and life passed in peace for another four years.

  There are many unexpected things in life.

Ten years later, he stepped around and found my city.

This is our first meeting after leaving.

  He recounted the experience of this decade.

After his marriage, he took over the management of her company and developed it from a small humble company to a large company of today.

The business is getting more and more important, but their relationship is getting worse. Maybe the combination of two people was not because of love from the beginning, it was doomed to such an end.

Although they have a son, they still cannot make up for the rift between them.

  A year ago, they broke up and the child followed her to Singapore.

  From the moment I saw him, my tears never stopped.

I always hope that he can live well, always thinking that his withdrawal can fulfill their happiness.

I don’t know if everything will look like today.

  My tears would still flow for him, but I couldn’t follow him today.

How could I do that, he came to me when I was in pain and helpless, but returned to your arms when your scenery was infinite.

How can I impose my pain on my lover ten years ago.

I love you and I love him.

Be your lover?

I can’t do it, how can I walk by your side during the day and return to his arms at night?

  For ten years, he doesn’t know what kind of feelings I have experienced and what twists and turns I have experienced with him now.

Ten years ago, I only had his love in my heart, and I could follow him to the ends of the earth. Ten years later, I already had a lover, a daughter, and too many concerns that I could not bear.

  I still love him because I am still in pain for him.

But I couldn’t get back to him again.

Maybe we have fate in previous lives, but we have no part in this life.

  When he embraced me again ten years later, I once again smelled that long-lost taste.

The breathtaking kiss still shuddered me. I couldn’t say a word, and let his tears wet his arms.

  Ten years ago, I gave myself to him, but ten years later, I could only give him tears.

  Ten years ago, when we let go of our hands, we were already separated from the horizon; ten years later, when we reunited again, we could only go after the farewell kiss.

How does rice eat the most nutritious?

How does rice eat the most nutritious?

Rice is familiar to everyone, but the most eaten is one of the staple foods of almost every family.

But now many newspaper media are talking about polished white rice without nutrition. If you eat it regularly, it will cause nutrient deficiency. Is this really the case?

Is rice really nutritious?

How to eat more nutritious?


hzh{display:none;}  先来第一个问题,大米真的没有营养吗?  In fact, this is very wrong.

Since more than 60% of people are a year, and since it is one of the traditional diets there, how can there be no nutrition!

  First of all, rice contains a large amount of starch. This starch is often hated by people and refuses to eat it because of fear of fat. In fact, the energy produced by starch after digestion and absorption in our body is to maintain our life activities, and it is also the main energy source of the brain.There is a constant stream of favorite brain power, including our nervous system activities. I also like to use the glucose produced by starch digestion to supply, but I don’t like the energy inside.

  In addition to starch, 6%?
8% protein. For an adult woman working in an office, if you eat 400 grams of rice every day, you will get a bonus of 30 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 50% of the daily protein requirement.

  In addition, rice also contains essential vitamins B1, B2, niacin, and potassium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Vitamin B1 is very important for people’s work efficiency and mood. If you lack it, you will feel tired and weak, sore muscles, numb legs, and emotional depression.

  Speaking of which, everybody would say, aren’t there few vitamins and minerals in polished rice?


This is the second question I will talk about next. How can I eat the most nutrition?

  It is not difficult to retain the nutrition of rice. Now we will teach you two ways to cook rice with high nutritional value.

  First, increase ingredients and improve nutrition.

  Because the white rice itself has very low vitamins and minerals, even if there is no loss during cooking, the human body has very limited access.

Therefore, the nutritional value of rice ingredients must be considered when cooking.

You can consider using coarse rice, millet, oats, etc. to cook rice to enrich the content of rice. In this way, not only your own nutrition is improved, but nutrition is more comprehensive.

  However, many people don’t like coarse rice. They feel that the taste of coarse rice is too hard and too coarse.

Actually, it ‘s just that the method of cooking rice is wrong. Basically, because the rice has not been removed from the shell, the rate of water absorption and swelling is slow. It is difficult to cook soft rice with an ordinary rice cooker.

The correct method is to soak the coarse rice in water for several hours, then mix the alkaline rice and polished white rice and cook together after soaking. The taste will be much better. If you eat it slowly, you will find that the slender rice is very fragrant.delicious.

  Add to that all kinds of beans, the skin is very hard, and the size is not very tight. If you cook rice with beans, or even when the rice is cooked, the beans will be very hard.

So if you make miscellaneous bean rice, you have to cook the beans until they are basically cooked, add rice to the mix, and cook them together in a rice cooker. A pot of fragrant bean rice can be accommodated.

Specially recommended red bean rice, mung bean rice, especially red bean rice is really fragrant, and the nutrition is very good, of course, you can also make grain rice, etc., nutrition will be more comprehensive.

  Second, reduce churn and keep the nutrition. Traditionally we make rice, which is nothing more than steaming and cooking.

But this process is a serious overlap of nutrient losses.

  Taomi loses nutrition.

Everyone first pans the rice before cooking, and the B vitamins are synthesized and distributed on the surface of the rice, so it is easy to transfer the rice water and slip away.

For standard rice, the loss of vitamin B1 can be as high as 20?

But nowadays, the rice is very clean. It can be washed gently once or twice, not to mention repeated scrubbing. If it is marked as no-wash rice, it can be washed even once.

  However, although Taomi loses nutrition, it tastes better. If you can supplement nutrition through other methods, or eat a lot of other miscellaneous grains and beans every day, then it ‘s okay to scour more.

  Heat loses vitamins.

When you pay attention to it, you should minimize the heating time. You can soak the rice for about half an hour before cooking. You can also use boiling water to boil, which can volatilize the chlorine in tap water, reduce the damage to vitamin B1, and accelerate the cooking, Of course, it is better if you cook with an electric pressure cooker.

  Lose nutrients in steamed rice.
People in some places like to eat steamed rice, boil the rice first, and then cook it when it is half cooked, because the rice tastes very good.

Others like to pass cold rice over hot water and then pour the soup away.
Will these practices cause a loss of 50 vitamins?
70% as much.

In fact, the loss of nutrients and flavor in the bowl of steamed rice is the smallest, and the loss of steamed rice is the largest, which is more than 70%.Yes, if you add a few red beans, or a few red dates is even better.

  Of course, there are many good tips that can make rice taste good without compromising nutritional value.

For example, soaking the rice for half an hour before cooking can make the rice plump and improve the texture; adding half a small spoonful of oil when cooking will make the rice more tough, shiny, and aromatic; add a few drops when cookingLemon juice can remove the staleness of rice; adding vinegar will make the rice softer and more fragrant.

Day Care Skincare Classic 5 Steps


Day Care Skincare Classic 5 Steps

Preliminary: cleansing milk, cleansing gel, cleansing foam, cleansing powder.

hzh {display: none; }  功效:去除过多死皮、污垢、清理毛孔  用法:凝胶、泡沫或粉末:加水起泡后,在湿的面上轻轻按摩,然后用水冲洗干 。 Cleanser: Massage on dry or wet surface, then rinse with water or wipe with tissue paper.

  Note: The cleanser is suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Gel, foam or powder suitable for oily, combination and normal skin.

  The second step: Toner effect: narrows pores, balances skin pH, and moisturizes the skin.

If you pour it on a cotton pad, you can wipe it away with multiple uses: you can pour it on the cotton pad and wipe your face, or pat the toner with your hands.

  Note: This step is required for all skin types, and it is best to avoid using cotton pads for sensitive skin.

  Step 3: Eye serum, eye gel, eye cream effect: Eye skin is the thinnest skin in the whole body, so special care is needed. Do not apply the cream as an eye cream, as it may cause sensitivity or oil particles.

  Usage: First use eye essence, plus eye gel or eye cream, use a fourth finger to dip a large rice, and gently press around the eyes.

  Note: Eye cream usually lightens wrinkles. Eye gel usually lightens dark circles or improves puffiness. Do not rub eyes hard when applying eye cream to avoid wrinkles.

  Step 4: Essence effect: whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, oil control.
A variety of essences can meet different skin needs, concentrated active ingredients can effectively improve skin problems, and refreshing gels or liquids accelerate skin absorption.
  Usage: Apply the entire face or focus only on the required area. Pat gently to help the essence absorb. Except for the eye essence, do not apply ordinary facial essence on the eyes.

  Step 5: Moisturizing cream effect: The moisturizing cream keeps the skin hydrated while keeping the skin soft and tender, so it also provides a layer of moisturizing film to prevent water loss and make skin look younger and smoother.

Oily skin is best supplemented with a clear skin moisture emulsion, dry skin is suitable for moisturizing creams, and some moisturizers have added sunscreen ingredients to protect the skin from UV rays.

  To use: Apply after toning and applying serum.

Man declares: we are sexual but not light

Man declares: we are sexual but not light

When men were babies, social culture played a role through their parents.

Boys’ genitals always receive extra praise and attention. The joke that adults need to cut their children’s genitals learns their fear of castration. Corresponding to the fear of castration, they highly praise genitals and sexual abilities.

Boys are very young to develop the concept that strong sexual ability is extremely important to them.

If a man fails sexually and fails to attract and acquire a woman, he will be considered a complete loser.

Our culture tells men that two things are essential to them: career success and sexual success.

  As they grow, the patriarchal society slowly instills such a concept into their minds: men are strong, they are sexual activists, occupants are people who can profit from sex; womenMan is weak, passive, and possessed.

The shaping of women’s three virtues and four virtues by society and culture affects men and strengthens men’s “emphasis and affection”.

At the same time, girls are receiving serious education that should resist men’s “heavy sex”, and girls should not pursue sex, which reflects the importance of men.

And women are expected to form a subconscious mindset that regards sex trading as a norm. They know when it is best for them to give sex to men.

  Sex is a way for men to prove their identity.

Whether this man is a boy or a man, the standard is often whether he has had sex with a woman.

The boy who has completed the sexual conquest is regarded as a statue of a real man, and it does not matter whether there is love or not.

  It is not men who are light-hearted, but insists on the concept of men’s gender roles. Men realize that feelings are an immature and not strong expression.

Isn’t the iron-faced man in the media the most attractive to women?

Isn’t the “man” in the mind of a woman more of those unsmiling “tough guys”?

Men are embarrassed because they are not just embarrassed just to act like a “man”.

  Sex is our only chance to get close to people.

From this perspective, sex is the result of men being hurt by culture.

  In fact, we can’t ignore it anymore. Human beings are a kind of adventure, adventure, and constantly trying new things.

Our close relative gorillas will not have sex with the same sex three times, they will not sleep in the same tree for two nights, and each meal has to jump between different trees to taste different flavors.

Human ancestors are the same. It is for this reason that they have the courage to leave the woods and live on land, and have continued to this day.

Women’s constant exploration of sex has been suppressed by culture, while men’s pursuit of multiple sexual partners and the pursuit of multiple sexual satisfaction have been culturally affirmed.

  When men need sex, expect women to need sex.

Any simple division of the so-called “how men, how women” is a distortion of the true nature of men and women.

  In this case, where else can a man not be “important”?

Love is a slow-moving thing. Men’s genitals can’t wait. It needs an orgasm experience as soon as possible.

This is the result of the accumulation of hormones and semen. As a normal physiological phenomenon, it needs to be leaked and satisfied.

  But do men really not need feelings?

Impotence and premature ejaculation are, in many cases, an appendix to emotional intercourse.

Men also yearn for love, but love cannot be without sex and promote sex.

  A slightly more accurate statement may be that men are sexual, but not light.

They have different performances at different stages of life and under different backgrounds.

And all of this should not be a reason to define a man.

Farewell Strawberry Nose Coupling Facial Blackheads_1

Farewell Strawberry Nose to solve facial blackheads coup

You must not like strawberry noses with black heads. You must have tried too many methods to solve the annoying blackheads.It does not completely solve the blackhead problem. On the contrary, it may make the pores larger and larger.

To resolve blackhead troubles thoroughly, test your patience and wisdom.

  Must-know common sense ● How are blackheads formed?

  When the lipid adenosine is excessively stimulated, the pores will be filled with excess oil, so the nose and its surrounding parts will often feel greasy.

If these oils cannot be removed in time, they will eventually harden and become black dots after oxidation, commonly known as blackheads.

  ● What are the effects of blackheads on the skin?

  Blackheads do not pose a serious threat to the body’s internal health, but these oxidized oils can accelerate skin aging.

In addition, the existence of blackheads is very obstructive to observation, making many OL lose the important conditions to be beautiful.

  ● Is there a shortcut to go to blackheads?

  Unfortunately, there is really no short cut to go to blackheads. Eliminating blackheads once and for all means does not mean that you must be persistent once and for all.

  Compulsory homework 1 Daily cleaning Every night, washing your face is a must for every OL. In order to prevent blackheads, in addition to daily cleaning, you should add a deep cleaning program in the T position that is easy to oil, to prevent pores from remainingExcess grease.

The method is actually very simple: After routinely cleaning the skin at night, take an appropriate amount of deep cleansing facial cleanser in a circular pattern and spread it in the T position, massage for about half a minute, and then wash it with water.

  ● Tips If you are used to removing makeup with makeup remover, then you must cleanse with cleanser afterwards.

This is because some of the oil in the cleansing oil easily slips into the pores, leaving the pores to accumulate more waste.

  Compulsory Homework 2 The purpose of daily maintenance is to reduce the secretion of oil in the T position, thereby reducing the incentives for blackheads.

However, it should be noted that the T-shaped repair is not to blindly control the oil, but to adjust the water and oil balance.

  ● Tip If you have mixed skin, the T position and the two jaw positions should be treated separately, because the T condition oil conditioning products may cause two areas to dry out, making the skin feel uncomfortable.

  Compulsory lesson 3 Weekly purification is to do daily deep cleansing and repairing work. After a week, you may still find some small blackheads on the tip of your nose who love to secrete oil. At this time, you need a stronger liposuction ability.A cleansing mask to help you.

  ● Tips: Excessive cleansing will promote more oil secretion from the skin. Therefore, a mask with deep cleansing function cannot be used every day, and 1-2 times a week is enough.

  Compulsory Homework 4 Daily Conditioning If your skin is dry or blackheads will only occasionally occur, the mask treatments to be done every week can not choose the powerful blackhead-removing special mask, which has deep-cleaning and pore clearing conditioning maskMaybe more suitable.

  Blackheads or deep cleansing treatments are more effective when pores are open, so it is recommended to take care when taking a hot bath or immediately after taking a bath.

  Clarins Facial Deep Cleansing Cream contains a scrub-type deep cleansing mask based on natural clay, which can absorb and remove dirt on the skin surface and clear pores and breathe.

It is also safe to use on sensitive skin.

  Vichy Grease Deep Cleansing Gel is a deep cleansing product with a gel-like texture and no oil content, especially suitable for hot summer days.

Active ingredients can help reduce blackheads and blemishes, deepen pores and smooth skin.

  Freeplus Lubricating Cleansing Gel Lemon Essence combines lightly with the oil particles in the pores, and has the effect of dissolving oil particles. Six natural plant extracts can keep the skin moist and touch.

  Avene Acne Cleansing Milk contains improved fruit acids to help eliminate blackheads and make skin noticeably smoother.

Patented Vitamin A Aldehyde also regulates the stratum corneum and prevents the formation of blackheads.

  La Roche-Ponce Acne Clear Lotion contains unique patented ingredients of LHA octapeptide salicylic acid, which can exfoliate keratin cells one by one, unblock sebaceous gland channels, effectively control oil and antibacterial, and improve oily skin texture.

  FANCL Blackhead Cleansing Mask softens in 3 minutes, dissolves blackheads, gently and thoroughly sucks stubborn blackheads deep in the pores, removes oxidized oil, and replenishes moisture so that the skin does not feel dry.

  Za T zone cleansing mask can absorb excess sebum and remove blackheads, improve rough skin condition in T zone and shrink pores. Vitamin E prevents and prevents skin from becoming enlarged due to oxidation.

  Biotherm Cleansing and Fine Mask A single white frosty mask with frosted particles, white mineral mud and exfoliating pumice with super absorbency can complete the tasks of exfoliating and unblocking pores in 1 minute.

  LA MER Crystal Exfoliating Cream contains nearly 2 carats of diamond powder. The multi-faceted structure can effectively and gently remove dead skin and blackheads on the surface of the skin, achieving an effect similar to “diamond micro-abrasive skin”.

  Sisley Botanical Cleansing Mask can regulate oil secretion, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and shrink and purify pores.

Topical use can reduce acne blackheads and acne.

Long-term use can also improve oil secretion.

  Yves Li Xue balanced pure mint mask is cool to the touch and belongs to a mild tearing type mask. It has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, removes blackheads and also astringents pores.

Green tea ingredients have antioxidant and whitening effects.

Autumn color, pure taste, refreshing, delicious, winter melon feast

Autumn color, pure taste, refreshing, delicious, winter melon feast

Winter melon porridge 200 grams, winter melon 100 grams.

  Add the ingredients to the pot and cook with water until the porridge is cooked.

Drinking porridge and eating melon, taking daily morning and evening, has the effect of thirst quenching, diuretic, swelling.

It is suitable for scorching thirst and urination.

  Recommended by the editor: 1 white duck with melon and white duck, 100 grams of lean pork, 500 grams of melon, 1 lotus leaf, 50 grams of sea cucumber, salt, and MSG.

  Remove white ducks and remove intestines and wash them.

Wash the melon and cut into pieces.

Wash and slice pork lean meat.

Put the whole white duck in the casserole with sea cucumber and lotus leaves, add an appropriate amount of water, add melon and lean meat after boiling, cook until the duck is cooked, add salt, and MSG.

Take it alone or with a meal, eat meat and drink soup. This soup has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

It can be used for the symptoms of depression and thirst in summer heat, and can also be used for those who are physically weak after illness.

  Winter melon sea rice soup 500 grams of winter melon, 15 grams of sea rice, 10 grams of lard, shallots, ginger shreds, 1 egg, 3 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG, 2 grams of parsley, 750 grams of chicken soup.

Peel and wash the melon and cut into corrugated slices.

Put the seaweed in the bowl, rinse it with boiling water, and wash it before use.

Set the pot on the fire and heat the lard. Put the green onion ginger and sea rice together in the pot and stir-fry. Then boil the chicken soup for 10 minutes, and add the winter melon slices for 5 minutes.

Then, add refined salt, MSG, drizzle the egg liquid, lift it into a large soup bowl, and sprinkle with coriander.

  This soup is salty and delicious, refreshing and pure, and has the effect of reducing heat and relieving tiredness.

It is suitable for the summer heat, the urination is unfavorable or less yellow, the anxiety and thirst, and the diet reduced.

  Sanxian winter melon soup 500g winter melon, 100g water mushroom, 100g canned winter bamboo shoots, 3g refined salt, 50g vegetable oil, 1,000g fresh soup.

  Peel the winter melon, remove and wash, and cut into 0.

5 cm thick sheet.

Cut the bamboo shoots into 0.

2 cm thick sheet.

Remove the mushrooms and cut into thin slices.

Wash the pot on a hot fire, pour in vegetable oil and cook until it is 70% hot, add winter melon and stir-fry, and add fresh soup.

When the winter melon is cooked, the winter bamboo shoots and winter mushrooms are cooked, seasoned with salt, and added to the soup pot.

  This soup is delicious, light and refreshing, and the materials are chic. It is made by using three ingredients with the word “winter”, namely winter melon, winter bamboo shoots, and winter mushrooms.Good soup dishes.

  Winter melon black fish soup 500g black fish, winter melon 250g, rice wine, spring onion, ginger slices, MSG each amount.

  Keep the black fish scales and intestines mixed, cut into small pieces and fry them in warm oil with fragrant ginger slices, cook with rice wine, add some water to boil for 20?
After 30 minutes, add winter melon slices and cook for another 5 minutes, sprinkle with green onions and MSG.

  This soup is light and delicious, pure soup, rich in nutrients, diuretic and phlegm, clearing heat and relieving heat, appetizing and strengthening spleen.

Suitable for patients with nephritis, edema of the head and face, diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver.

  Winter melon mung bean soup 500g winter melon, 300g mung bean, 500g fresh soup, 10g ginger, 30g onion knot, 3g refined salt.

  Xiaobian recommends hot text: Wash the aluminum pan on a hot fire, pour in the soup and boil, and remove the foam.

Ginger was washed and smashed and put into a pot. The onion was removed and washed to form a knot. The mung beans were washed and washed.

Remove the tofu that floats on the surface, then simmer in a soup pot.

Peel the winter melon, scoop, wash, and cut into pieces to replenish the soup pot. Stew and add some refined salt to serve.

  The soup is pure in taste, refreshing and delicious, and has the effect of clearing heat, diuretic and relieving heat.
It is suitable for unfavorable urination caused by water and humidity block in summer, or yellow and small urine, thirst, upset, or edema, or burning pain of urethral infection.