2015 Sudirman Cup: Fengyun combination temporarily matched the first team of the Chinese team to advance _1

2015 Sudirman Cup: Fengyun combination temporarily matched the first team of the Chinese team to advance
The 2015 Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Tournament ended the third day of competition here yesterday.Guo Yu played against his second opponent, Thailand, last night. He defeated the first three sets of men’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s singles. He locked the victory ahead of time and advanced to the quarterfinals as the first group.It is worth mentioning that the classic combination of the national feather men’s doubles was paired out last night, but because the two no longer match in the single event, the two players played together last night.  Before the start of the match yesterday, Wang Xin, a national female singles player, received a surprise in the competition venue.His boyfriend Li Hannan, a former Liaoning badminton men’s doubles player, held flowers and proposed to him in front of the audience. In the warm cheers of the audience, Wang Xin accepted his boyfriend’s proposal with happy tears.Guo Yong, head coach of Li Yubo, also blessed the two.  Due to Zhang Nan’s illness before the game, Guo Yu was forced to change part of the game against Thailand last night.Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun played together again, while Liu Cheng and Zhao Yunlei matched their mixed doubles.The Fengyun team, which took the lead last night, had no chance of cooperation since last year’s Asian Games. After arriving in Dongguan, the two talents occasionally practiced together.Sure enough, the two first lost a game 14 to 21.Then the two veterans fought back, and eventually reversed the game in two consecutive wins.Cai Yun said after the game: In the future, we will only play together in various team matches.As Cai Yun said, after the reorganization of last year’s splits, Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan became more and more adept at cooperating with each other.Therefore, the combination of the two of them for the Rio Olympics is basically a foregone conclusion.  In the second women’s singles match, Wang Yihan defeated Thailand’s third player Busanlan 2-0; the third appearance of Chen Long defeated Thai veteran Bosana 2-0, helping Guo Yu to secure the victory 3-0.  Today, the first group of the Su Cup group match will be drawn after the quarterfinals.