50 seconds into the game to score the winning goal, Real Madrid set a national derby record

In the 26th round of La Liga this morning, Real Madrid ushered in a home battle with Barcelona’s national derby and top spot.With Venizius opening record and Mariano in the stoppage time to go to the next city, in the end, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 2 to 0, overtaking their opponents in the standings successfully reached the top.Mariano broke the goal and locked the victory.Real Madrid’s recent state is very sluggish. First, they lost to Levante in the league last week and suffered two rounds of victory. They also gave the top position to the rival Barcelona in the standings, and then lost to Manchester City at home in the Champions League.Introducing the national derby, Real Madrid desperately needed a victory to reverse the decline.In the 71st minute of the game, Vinicius refracted at a small angle to help Real Madrid break the deadlock.In the first minute of stoppage time in the second half, Mariano came off the bench to replace Benzema. The ball was scored on the right and the penalty area was scored. A single-armed raid completed a small angle to break Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory.Only 50 seconds have passed since Mariano came off the bench.This is Mariano’s first appearance for Real Madrid in the league this season, and the first touch of the league this season. He played 50 seconds and scored a goal in the lockout.According to statistics, this is the goal scored by substitute players in the Spanish national derby this century.After scoring, Mariano shed tears of excitement.This is the first time since 2014 that Real Madrid beat Barcelona in La Liga.In addition to returning Real Madrid to the top of the list, this victory also surpassed Barcelona and once again became the team with the most total goals in the history of La Liga. Real Madrid scored 6152 goals, while Barcelona scored 6151 goals.Before the start of the game, Real Madrid and Barcelona won 72 games in the league’s national derby. This victory also allowed Real Madrid to win the 73rd victory in the league’s national derby.Sauna, night net editor Deng Hanyu Zhang Yunfeng proofread He Yan