2015 Sudirman Cup: Fengyun combination temporarily matched the first team of the Chinese team to advance _1

2015 Sudirman Cup: Fengyun combination temporarily matched the first team of the Chinese team to advance
The 2015 Sudirman Cup World Badminton Mixed Team Tournament ended the third day of competition here yesterday.Guo Yu played against his second opponent, Thailand, last night. He defeated the first three sets of men’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s singles. He locked the victory ahead of time and advanced to the quarterfinals as the first group.It is worth mentioning that the classic combination of the national feather men’s doubles was paired out last night, but because the two no longer match in the single event, the two players played together last night.  Before the start of the match yesterday, Wang Xin, a national female singles player, received a surprise in the competition venue.His boyfriend Li Hannan, a former Liaoning badminton men’s doubles player, held flowers and proposed to him in front of the audience. In the warm cheers of the audience, Wang Xin accepted his boyfriend’s proposal with happy tears.Guo Yong, head coach of Li Yubo, also blessed the two.  Due to Zhang Nan’s illness before the game, Guo Yu was forced to change part of the game against Thailand last night.Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun played together again, while Liu Cheng and Zhao Yunlei matched their mixed doubles.The Fengyun team, which took the lead last night, had no chance of cooperation since last year’s Asian Games. After arriving in Dongguan, the two talents occasionally practiced together.Sure enough, the two first lost a game 14 to 21.Then the two veterans fought back, and eventually reversed the game in two consecutive wins.Cai Yun said after the game: In the future, we will only play together in various team matches.As Cai Yun said, after the reorganization of last year’s splits, Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan became more and more adept at cooperating with each other.Therefore, the combination of the two of them for the Rio Olympics is basically a foregone conclusion.  In the second women’s singles match, Wang Yihan defeated Thailand’s third player Busanlan 2-0; the third appearance of Chen Long defeated Thai veteran Bosana 2-0, helping Guo Yu to secure the victory 3-0.  Today, the first group of the Su Cup group match will be drawn after the quarterfinals.

Two ministries: Preferential policies for inclusive finance related benefits extended to the end of 2023

Two ministries: Preferential policies for inclusive finance related benefits extended to the end of 2023
Sauna Night News According to the news of the Ministry of Finance website on the 26th, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued an announcement on the continued implementation of preferential policies related to the benefits of inclusive finance: In order to further support inclusive financial services for small and micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and farmers, it is nowThe relevant fiscal policy announcements are as follows: “Notice of the Ministry of Finance’s General Administration of Taxation on Continuing to Support Rural Financial Development’s Relevant Budget Policies” (Cai Shui[2017]No. 44), “Notice of the Ministry of Finance’s Administration of Taxation on Small Loan Companies’ Accounting Policies” (Caishui[2017]No. 48), “Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on Relevant Fiscal Policies Supporting the Financing of Small and Micro Enterprises” (Caishui[2017]No. 77), “The State Administration of Taxation on Value-added Tax Deduction of Input Tax on Fixed Assets Rented and Other Value AddedThe notice of “Tax Policy Notice” (Caishui[2017]No. 90) stipulates that the gradual preferential policies due on December 31, 2019 will be implemented, and the implementation period will be extended to December 31, 2023.Before the announcement of this announcement, the replacements that have been levied in accordance with the provisions of the following announcement should be exempted, which can be deducted from the replacements or refunds that the taxpayer should pay in the following month.Edited by Jia Congcong, Ministry of Finance, Administration of Taxation April 20, 2020 Source: Ministry of Finance Website

10% down payment + monthly installment, is it a rental car or a selling car?The court said so

On April 1, the website of the People’s Court of Yuhang District in Hangzhou repeated an automobile consumption dispute arising from “10% down payment + monthly installment”.Consumers sued for “playing a car” for fraud, but “playing a car” counterclaimed consumer breach of contract. What is going on?More than two years ago, Mr. Chen of Hangzhou chose a car in the “Bounce a Car” Tmall flagship store, and “purchased” this car with the “10% down payment + monthly installment” plan.But two years later, Mr. Chen “discovered” that he had not actually bought a car.Like Mr. Chen, in recent years, auto finance leasing companies, which have featured “down payment, rent first, buy first”, and “spend little money and drive a good car”, have been accused of fraud and misleading consumption from time to time.The People ‘s Court of Yuhang District of Hangzhou City tried such a civil dispute over whether the hidden financial leasing business model was appropriate.”Buy” a car in installments: Is it fraud or irrational consumption?In December 2017, Mr. Chen fancyd a Jeep car in the “Bounce a Car” Tmall flagship store. In addition to the stylish appearance to suit his needs, more importantly, he can drive the car as long as the down payment is 10%.Going home, this is perfect for Mr. Chen who is in desperate need of car funds and has insufficient funds.So, he chose “first use 12 months, first offer 3.”530,000 yuan, 3398 yuan per month” plan, the order is feasible 2017 Jeep-free light 2.4L leading version.The store specified an additional 1,000 yuan discount, and Mr. Chen actually paid the down payment3.430,000 yuan.A service agreement in Mr. Chen ‘s order details stipulates that: Party A is the operator of Socha.com, the flagship store of “Bump a Car”; Party B is the lessor of Dasou Car; and Party C is the lease of Mr. Chen.people.The agreement announces that the ownership of the subject vehicle belongs to the lessor.The agreement also stipulates that when the lease term expires, the lessee may choose to pay the final payment in one lump sum, or obtain the ownership of the vehicle by applying for a loan payment to the designated loan institution.According to the official website of “Bounce a Car”, its industrial and commercial registration is called “Beijing Souche Technology Co., Ltd.” and it is a brand of “10% down payment for rent, first rent and then buy” car financing leasing service.The full name displayed on the official website of Soso is “Hangzhou Soso Auto Service Co., Ltd.”.Attempts showed that the legal representatives of Souche.com and Souche replaced Yao Junhong.The business licenses of Souche.com and Souche.According to the alleged attempt, the holding party of Hangzhou Doushao Auto Service Co., Ltd. is SOUCHE LIMITED, a Hong Kong company in China.At the same time, it also holds Zhejiang Dasou Che Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.The legal representative of Zhejiang Dousou Che Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is also Yao Junhong.In January 2018, Mr. Chen electronically signed the “Confirmation of Car Pickup” through the “Bounce a Car” APP and extracted the vehicle. The vehicle was registered under the name of Soso Nanjing Branch.Since then, Mr. Chen has paid 12 rents totaling 4.07.76 million yuan.After using the car for one year, Mr. Chen could not get the final payment and considered continuing to rent a car.In January 2019, Mr. Chen signed a lease renewal agreement with Soso Nanjing Branch, stipulating that Mr. Chen renewed the lease of the above-mentioned vehicles for 12 months, and the monthly rent was 4998 yuan. When the lease expires, Mr. Chen can also use the one-off paymentOr apply for a loan.However, Mr. Chen paid 7 rents this time totaling 3.After 49.86 million yuan, Dasou car company was brought to court.Mr. Chen believes that the service agreement signed by both parties is automatically generated in the background and confirmed by his signature, and his original intention is to purchase the vehicle in question by installment loan. The above agreement is not his true intention.Mr. Chen suggested that the words “buy”, “down payment”, and “monthly supply” are used in the advertising slogan, payment interface, etc., so that they mistakenly think that the two parties are a vehicle sales relationship.He also did not clearly inform the nature of the contract and there was fraud.Mr. Chen filed a lawsuit in the Yuhang District People’s Court of Hangzhou, requesting confirmation of the invalidity of the agreement between the two parties, refunding the down payment and monthly payment, and compensating for three times the total amount paid.The defendant stated that there was no fraud and filed a counterclaim.Dousou car company believes that the agreement between the two parties is legal and effective, the company has completed its contractual obligations, and the plaintiff Mr. Chen ‘s delay in paying the rent during the lease renewal period has constituted a breach of contract, and should pay the remaining rent and liquidated damages in accordance with the agreement, and bear the large searchThe reasonable expenses of the car company.This automobile consumption lawsuit triggered by “10% down payment + monthly installment” is a consumption trap or irrational consumption?After trial, the court found that the service agreement involved stated that the agreement must be exchanged and agreed before completion of the order. Mr. Chen also agreed to agree to the above agreement before placing the order, so the agreement was established.The pictures of the vehicles involved and the product details introduction office also indicate the words “The first car is rented and then bought, the lease period is 1 year, and the car is 1 year old, you can buy it and you can return it”, etc.The transaction mode, and from the vehicle registration certificate, transfer certificate and the like, that the ownership of the vehicle is registered under the name of Doushao car company, so Mr. Chen should also know it.The court found in the first instance that there was no fraud in the company and the electronic contract signed with the user was not modified, which dismissed Mr. Chen ‘s claim of “refund 1 compensation 3”, and asked Mr. Chen to pay the remaining rent, late payment of liquidated damages and Daseo.The reasonable expenses of the car company for this case.Is there a discrepancy between the legal interpretation and the “increasing list” of financial supervision?In this case, Mr. Chen believes that the other party’s behavior is a kind of “fraud”, and the court conducted the trial centered on this.But is the financial leasing business model that exists behind the “10% down payment, first lease then buy” right?”It’s not just new cars. Like buying vehicles in installments on other used car platforms, consumers have encountered the problem of signing a ‘financial lease’ contract. Although the vehicle is used by consumers, there is no cancellation of the registration certificate (that is, ‘large capital’).Therefore, it often happens that once the user’s repayment defaults, the financial leasing company directly ‘tows away’ the vehicle, “Bi Yanguang, a senior researcher at Qi Cai Think Tank, told reporters.According to Bi Yanguang’s introduction, consumers generally think that this model is nothing more than a consumption installment, but most people do not know that it is actually a financial lease.”Some consumers report that they didn’t pay attention to signing a financial lease contract at the beginning. They only found out in installments that they didn’t understand and didn’t ask too much.”Actually, financial leasing is relatively niche, most consumers don’t understand it, and its business model is relatively complicated.According to reporters, many new and second-hand car consumption staging platforms on the market are operating on the basis of financial leasing licenses submitted by various localities.When consumers sign a contract, they usually face the “Financial Lease Renewal Agreement” or “Financial Lease Leaseback Contract”.However, there is no down payment in any form. The period of “buying” a car is a kind of “lease”, and consumers think that the instalment payment has become a rent to some extent.For example, Mr. Chen ‘s service agreement states that the ownership of the subject vehicle is owned by the lessor Dazou.But in the court statement, Mr. Chen stated that his original intention was to purchase the car in installments.”In the final analysis, this car was mortgaged,” Bi Yanguang said.He believes that the financial leasing business model is relatively complex, and consumers should still communicate with the corresponding regulatory authorities to coordinate and resolve.In fact, since 2016, the regulatory body of financial leasing companies has changed. The establishment and supervision of the previous Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Taxation were transferred to the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for supervision.On January 8 this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Financial Leasing Companies (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the “Draft for Comment”), marking the financial leasing company’s formal financial system supervision system.In accordance with the requirements of Chapter 4 “Supervision and Management” of the Draft for Soliciting Opinions, the provincial-level local financial supervision departments (that is, the provincial-level local financial supervision bureaus) are specifically responsible for the supervision and management of the financial leasing companies in the region;Rules for business operations and supervision.In the “Supplementary List” included in the “Exposure Draft”, the regulator clearly stated that the financial leasing company may not issue or be entrusted to issue loans.However, regarding the legal interpretation and the “list” of financial regulators’ reorganization, Bi Yanguang believes that there may be inconsistencies.”This requires regulation to understand this issue.How to resolve the inconsistency among them, how to standardize the “car consumption installment” business, and regulate the development of financial leasing, it is urgent to regulate and reorganize clearly.At the same time, Bi Yanguang reminded consumers: “First,” car purchase “needs to be cautious, pay more attention to contract details.If you have any questions, ask them immediately; if necessary, please make preparations for shooting, recording or video recording.Second, if there is a dispute over the financial leasing business model, consumers should contact and communicate with the corresponding financial regulatory authorities in a timely manner.”At the end of the court’s disclosure of the case, the court also reminded:” Advance consumption is risky. “Consumers should reasonably assess the performance of the contract beforehand, read the service agreement carefully during the event, and actively assume responsibility for breach of contract after the event. “Sauna, Ye Wang Huang Xinyu Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Xue Jingning