E-commerce sales increased by 7%, Gu Xiaojiu test water digital war epidemic

E-commerce sales increased by 7%, Gu Xiaojiu test water digital war “epidemic”
As a “digital liquor brand” founded only two years ago, Gu Xiaojiu, still in its growing stage, suddenly encountered a new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Its sales in more than 15,000 offline terminals across the country were temporarily blocked and the launch of new plans was delayed.However, in the case of logistics suspension and catering business, Gu Xiaojiu e-commerce sales increased by 7% compared with the same period last year. Internal evaluation results show that the epidemic did not have a substantial impact on Gu Xiaojiu.Liu Fei, founder of Gu Xiaojiu, believes that this just confirms the industrial advantages of the e-commerce model. Gu Xiaojiu will also serve every consumer through new products, new social networking, and new retail in the future.Prepare to resume work in advance “Wuhan is closed!””” On the evening of January 23, Zheng Tianming, who was in charge of marketing, shared this news with the Gu Xiaojiu leadership group.Although the announcement of the closure of Wuhan at the time was simple, he foresees that the impact of the epidemic may be more severe than predicted.Afterwards, Liu Fei, founder and CEO of Gu Xiaojiu, issued a request to the heads of various departments in the group, “to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and prepare to respond at any time.”” After 10 minutes, the offline team came to hear that the existing area requires the catering industry to suspend business, which means that Gu Xiaojiu’s sales of more than 15,000 offline terminals in the country may be closed and stagnant.With the escalation of the epidemic management and control in various places, most of the business activities were suspended, and another question also emerged-whether to resume work as scheduled or extend the vacation?Liu Fei, who has experienced SARS in 2003, believes that sooner or later the epidemic will end and enterprises should be prepared to resume work.Under his arrangement, the company carried out prevention and control tracking statistics for each employee, and also purchased disinfectant, masks and other epidemic prevention materials.”We are the first batch of enterprises in the industrial park to resume work.Liu Xiaoyu, the person in charge of public relations at Gu Xiaojiu, told the sauna and Yewang that the company will work from home on February 5 and has officially resumed work on February 17, but Hubei employees are still unable to arrive.To help Hubei employees and distributors solve the problem of falling income, the company issued a cash subsidy of 5,000 yuan to each of them. “We are also the first liquor company to directly issue cash subsidies to employees.”On the day of the official resumption of work, Gu Xiaojiu Chengdu area resumed its normal office state. All employees conducted temperature tests according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, placed masks and alcohol for disinfection, dispersed the office, and disinfected the office area every two hours.The Guxiaojiu Logistics Warehouse also conducts comprehensive epidemic prevention. In addition to the “Daily Health Punch Record Form” and “Warehouse Area Checklist”, it also arranges for someone to purchase thermometers, gloves, masks, disinfection water, hand sanitizers, and do things well.Registration, custody and delivery.From February 17, Gu Xiaojiu officially resumed work.During the epidemic that e-commerce sales of top-tier e-commerce companies did not fall but rose, Gu Xiaojiu also planned to launch 75-degree liquor, but it failed to achieve in the end.Wu Xing, the person in charge of Gu Xiaojiu’s supply chain, explained that due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, some upstream factories could not resume normal work, and the production capacity was restored by less than half after the end of February.”If we follow the normal cycle, we should have many new products online now, but due to supply chain reasons, many supporting products cannot be completed and can only be replaced later.”Despite this, Gu Xiaojiu’s internal evaluation of the epidemic showed” no significant impact “.Liu Fei said that Gu Xiaojiu has ample cash flow and most of its products have been sold out before the year, leaving only a few products for sale after the year.In the case of logistics suspension and catering business, Gu Xiaojiu’s e-commerce sales increased by 7% compared with the same period last year. “Achieving such results in a special period also confirms the industrial advantages of the e-commerce model.”The data shows that Gu Xiaojiu is a baijiu brand belonging to Chengdu Gu Xiaojiu Liquor Co., Ltd. The founder and CEO Liu Fei used to work for Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Gu Xiaojiu also owns the Internet gene for ownership.In March 2018, Gu Xiaojiu completed 30 million angel rounds of financing, and in December 2018 completed another 63 million yuan of Pre-A rounds of financing.At present, Gu Xiaojiu is scheduled to reach about 1 trillion a year, with e-commerce channels accounting for about 90%, and the inventory circulation is nearly 6 times a year, so it is difficult to form an offline backlog.According to Ren Chuanxin, the person in charge of the e-commerce platform of Google Wine, in order to deal with the impact of traffic control in the early stage of the epidemic, Google Wine used SF to ship the goods at the first time to ensure that consumers can receive the products in time.During the epidemic, Liu Fei also reorganized Gu Xiaojiu’s strategy, products, services, and organizational structure.He said that the core business of Gu Xiaojiu is to provide users with products and services to create more value for users. At the same time, it also needs to combine the social characteristics of alcohol products, through new products, new socialization, and new retail., Serving every consumer well.”The liquor market is too big, and some companies have forgotten their peace of mind.”Liu Fei believes that through this epidemic, the liquor industry will reconfirm cash flow, inventory management and other issues, and the entire industry will optimize its operations in a more efficient and refined direction.””On the surface, the epidemic is on the verge, but in the long run, if the company can take the lead in completing the conversion and upgrade this time, it is likely to change.”Sauna, Ye Net Guo Tie Photo Source Photo courtesy editor Peng Yali proofreading Liu Jun