2020 Chinese Super League refused to long pause

2020 Chinese Super League refused to “long pause”
Exxon is training with the national football team.Judging from this year’s league calendar, the FIFA match day has the highest priority of copyright.Photo / Osports On January 7, the official website of the Chinese Football Association announced the 2020 Chinese Super League, China A, China B and Football Association Cup competition calendar.This is the first time the Super League has started in double history that has attracted attention from outsiders. This is also the first time the Football Association has announced the competition calendar.The working style of the Football Association is changing, and the schedule is changing at the same time. Overall, there are pros and cons, and the effect remains to be tested.  1 Change the Football Association’s first announcement of the calendar. The 2020 calendar transmits multiple information including league time, national team preparation plans, and the expansion of the Football Association Cup. While the content is grabbing the mirror, the way the calendar is announced is also worthy of attention.  In accordance with established practice, the Football Association used to reorganize the official schedule to announce information against the team before the start of the league, and the calendar was issued to the participating clubs at the league work meeting. It was the first time that the calendar was announced to the outside world.  A staff member of the Super League Club told the sauna. Yewang. Before the Football Association, they usually sent the new season league calendar to the clubs at the end of the previous year. After receiving the calendar, the club will propose some schedule arrangements to the Football Association according to the time scheduleSuggestions.  ”If the stadium used by some clubs has been determined to undertake other activities within a certain period of time, the club will report to the Football Association and try to avoid it during the schedule, then the final schedule will be replaced by the opinions of all parties.”The staff member said.”  After advancing the New Deal, the Football Association also chose a more transparent way for the calendar of the new season-to gradually announce the calendar and layout principles. This work attitude is worthy of recognition.  2Challenge the opening of the first round of the Chinese Super League winter season to make way for the national football team to prepare for the Top 40. The 2019 Chinese Super League has been “suspended” a total of 5 times, including a period of long intervals, the fragmented schedule has been criticized many times, each team orMore or less affected.  Judging from the 2020 Chinese Super League calendar, the Football Association hopes to give priority to the national team while preparing for the club while taking into account the interests of the club, so the long-term training of the national football team has been cancelled.But with the previous index, new challenges have emerged that require clubs to deal with.  On February 22, the new season Super League will start, this is the first season in the history of the Super League.The early start is to ensure that the national team participates in the top 40: on March 26, the national football team played against the Maldives. On March 31, Li Tie led the team to challenge Guam away.In addition, since this year’s AFC Champions League group stage is also advanced to the beginning of February, the Chinese Super League’s early antiques will help the AFC participating teams to maintain their state.However, weather factors will cause a relatively unfavorable effect-the northern part of February is still cold and turf conditions, the hardness of the venue is not ideal, the competition in the northern part of this period is a test for both parties.  Another new challenge facing clubs comes from outside the arena.In November last year, the Football Association issued a notice requesting clubs to postpone signing with domestic players. This restriction was not cancelled until the New Deal was announced on December 31 last year.The start of the league in advance also means that the first round of the 2020 season will be played during the winter transfer period (January 1st to February 28th).This situation appeared for the first time in the history of the Chinese Super League, leaving the operating time of the clubs in the transfer market extremely tight.  Insufficient time is fully reflected in the signing. The 2019 Super League season spans 9 months, which is an extension of the time in history. The 2020 season starts again in advance. The players ‘holidays and the winter training time of each team are compressed, so the new season is regarded asAction is opened in haste.  3 Focus on Guoan’s opening of the “Devil Schedule” in April. From the 2020 calendar, the super long interval of the previous season will no longer exist, but the new season’s Super League also has 5 intervals, namely the end of March, the end of May, and the end of July,Late August and early October.Among them, the three suspension periods are 18 days, and the intermittent period between the end of July and the beginning of October is changed to 12 days, and there is no more than a month of the last “long suspension”.  In recent seasons, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan has always encountered an “intermittent spell” when playing in the league. It was not until the final stage of last season that he swept away with a three-game winning streak.At the time, Guoan coach Genesio revealed that the last three rounds of the team’s good condition stemmed from the return of the internationals one week before the game-the previous few interruptions, they all returned one or two days before the game, the preparation effect was affected.  The first challenge of Guoan’s new season appeared in April.The Chinese Super League entered the first intermittent period after ending the fourth round on March 15. After the game between the national football team and Guam on March 31, the fifth round opened on April 3. The preparation time for the international players was not sufficient.Guoan will face four consecutive league matches and the AFC Champions League in April.Genesio needs to come up with a more thorough preparation plan and employment strategy.  After the 12th round of the Chinese Super League ends on May 24, it will enter the second intermittent period. After the national football team ended the top 40 match with Syria on June 9, the league will reignite the war on June 12.If Guoan can advance from the AFC Champions League group stage, the two rounds of the knockout will take place on May 26 and June 16, when the team will face the problem of irregular staff.  Overall, the lack of a long transition period for the new season is good news for all teams.The situation facing Guoan is stronger than last season. If adjusted properly, the team may be able to completely reverse the “sequelae of the intermittent period” this year.  The principles of the 2020 calendar calendar 1 FIFA and AFC Champions Day have the highest priority, all avoid 2 The Super League will not be arranged 10 days before the first FIFA game day (March 26), and the Chinese Super League will not be arranged 7 days before the other FIFA game daysThe domestic competition priority of League 3 is Chinese Super League, Football Association Cup, Chinese First Class, Chinese Second Class 4 Super Cup is the domestic opening event of Chinese Super League 5 Chinese Super Class, Chinese First Class, Chinese Second Class does not interfere with each other during the start time of Chinese Super League 6, Chinese Super 2 final round, Chinese Second ClassThe last three rounds were kicked off simultaneously with 7 Chinese A and Chinese B. After the second round, the A and B relegation playoffs will be carried out immediately. 8 Chinese Super League arrangements will be arranged to arrange weekly mid-week games to ensure attendance and TV broadcast.Sai Cai Write / Sauna, Night Net Zhou Xiao