Zidao had a budget of nearly 400 million last year and was issued a qualified audit report

On April 30, Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhangzidao”) released the 2019 annual report and the first quarter report in 2020.In 2019, Zhangzi Island achieved revenue of 27.2.9 billion, down 2 every year.47%; realized net profit -3.9.2 billion, a decrease of 1321 per year.41%.The 2019 annual audit agency Asia Pacific (Group) Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership) issued a qualified opinion audit report for Zhangzidao and an internal control assurance report with negative opinions.In terms of products, in 2019, except sea cucumbers, sea urchins revenues exceeded ten years.39%, 39.Outside 7%, the revenues of scallops, abalones and conch were placed one after another.Zhangzidao said Conch’s revenue fell by 26.85% is due to the decrease in the number of days of harvesting operations compared to the previous one.And the scallops that have been repeatedly hit by disasters are still the main revenue source of Zhangzi Island, achieving revenue3.0.9 billion, down by 14.twenty two%.In response to the large quota in 2019, Zhangzidao said that the reason was due to the impact of large-scale death disasters, write-offs and impairments on bottom-seeded scallops.Among them, a total of write-off bottom-seeded scallops 43.570,000 mu, write-off costs 2.US $ 3.1 billion; total inventory depreciation reserve is ready to be used for bottom-seeding scallops12.480,000 mu, the provision amount of inventory falling price reserve is 6,055.440,000 yuan.On the same day, Zhangzidao released its first quarter report for 2020. In the first quarter, Zhangzidao achieved operating income3.9.8 billion, down 28 a year.68%; realized net profit of 371.390,000 yuan, an increase of 108 per year.61%; non-net profit deduction is -7136.360,000 yuan, down 57 every year.77%.In essence, regarding the above two financial reports, Zhang Zidao’s director Luo Weixin and supervisor Zou Dezhi both stated that the financial report was provided late and the amount of information was large, which could not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the relevant operating information.Among them, for the 2019 annual report, Luo Weixin voted against it; as the 2019 annual audit agency, Asia Pacific (Group) Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) issued a qualified opinion audit report for Zhangzidao, and issued a negative opinion of internal control assurancereport.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan proofreads Wei Zhuo

2020 Chinese movie Big has interest

2020 Chinese movie “Big” has interest
According to data released by the National Film Administration, a total of 1037 movies were produced in mainland China in 2019, with a total box office of 642.6.6 billion, an annual increase of 5.4%.From the current point of view, the box office growth of the Chinese film market has entered a stable stage, and it is difficult to see the previous 30% growth rate.The 2020 Chinese film list, based on the available information, the genre of substitutions is still rich and diverse, and there are heavy works that are worth looking forward to, similar to Wu Ershan’s “Trilogy of Sealing God”, Lu Yang’s “Assassination Novel””Chinese Home” and other Chinese heavy industry special effects blockbuster, Guan Hu’s war film “Babai”, Chen Kexin’s sports replaced the film “Li Na”, Zhou Xingchi’s “Mermaid 2”, Tian Xiaopeng’s ambitious animated film “Deep Sea” after “The Return of the Great Saint””Wait.  It is worth noting that the fifth generation of directors in 2020 is expected to return collectively, Zhang Yimou ‘s “One Second”, “Rock Solidity” and “On the Cliff”, Chen Kaige ‘s “Dust in Blossom”, and Tian Zhuangzhuang ‘s “Bird Song”They are all successful, and the three old classmates may compete on the same stage on the big screen in 2020.According to the types of movies, Sauna.com has made a simple classification of important Chinese films that will be released in 2020. Since multiple films have not yet been finalized, it is inevitable that they will only be used as a reference for readers to watch the film.    War / History “Babai” Director: Guan Hu Starring: Wang Qianyuan, Ou Hao, Jiang Wu, Zhang Yi, Du Chun, etc. The film was originally scheduled to be released on July 5, 2019, and officially announced the withdrawal on June 25, after whichThere was news of the film being finalized, but it was not released.As a war film produced by Director Guan Hu, the film has been prepared to be highly anticipated by the audience.The film is based on the story of a strengthening battalion of the 524th regiment of the 88th Division of the Third Division of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, known as the “eight hundred heroes” during the Songhu Battle in 1937.In order to be able to reproduce the war scene most realistically, the crew built a 200-mu building with bricks and tiles, not only manually excavated the Suzhou River, which is 200 meters long and 50 meters wide, but also constructed 1: 1 real scenes on both sides of the building.The number of group performances of the biggest scene of the whole drama was more than 3,000. When the crew was the largest, there were nearly 2,000 make-up artists. The wiring of the lighting department of the crew was 50 kilometers long, which took 230 days to shoot.  Director of “Lan Xin Grand Theatre”: Lou Ye Actor: Gong Li, Zhao Youting, etc. The film was originally scheduled to be released on December 7, 2019, and the official announcement on the day of the release was announced.The film is adapted from Hongying’s novel “The Death of Shanghai”. The story is set in Shanghai in 1941. It is centered around a leader. While acting in a new stage drama, she is also collecting secret information for the Allied Powers.After the plan to attack Pearl Harbor, she refused to share this information.In September 2019, the film was shortlisted for the main competition of the 76th Venice International Film Festival.  The film is structured with indiscernible real and fake dramas. The drama “Saturday Novels” is consistent in the film. Lou Ye uses rough and full-texture black and white images. “All colors will be shown in the black and white images of the film.”It’s a new attempt on possible types of spy warfare.In the film, Gong Li plays a female star. At the same time, she is also a professional and courageous “spy”. The inner world is very complicated.The actor Zhao Youting plays a drama director in the film. He said that this is the largest performance space since his film, with a long 27-minute long shot.  [Other movies]Director of “Blade”: Gao Qunshu’s fantasy / adventure “Fengshen Trilogy” Director: Wu Ershan Starring: Huang Bo, Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, etc. This film is the first in a Chinese movie to be produced in a three-part continuous shooting modeIn the series of movies, the trilogy will soon be completed in Qingdao.The first part has been scheduled for release in the summer of 2020, and the latter two will be released in 2021 and 2022.From the creation of the story script by director Wu Ershan in 2012, to the release of the third film, the entire series will span ten years, with a total investment of 30 billion yuan, and will be carried out in full accordance with the Hollywood industrial production process. Wuershan wants to build a ChinaEdition “The Lord of the Rings”.  Therefore, the crew also invited Barry M. Osborne, the producer of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, as a production consultant to share the difficulties and solutions to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy to the “Fengshen”The crew of Trilogy includes the selection of young actors and their growth through trilogy shooting. After the filming, the scenes and props will be retained for a museum exhibition.In addition, since the development of “Fengshen Trilogy”, the post-product development of the movie has been planned, including the cooperation of theme parks, museums, games, and the development of all derivatives.Line.  Director of “Assassination Novelist”: Lu Yang starring: Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, Dong Zijian, etc. Through the tempering of two “Embroidered Spring Sword”, Lu Yang’s new work “Assassination Novelist” shows the ambition of its creative scale.The film is adapted from Shuang Xuetao’s novel of the same name, about the father’s task of assassinating the novelist in search of the missing daughter.At the same time, the fantasy world of youth revenge described by novelists is also affecting the real world.Because of the setting of the story, the crew needs to create two very different time and space, especially the “different world” in the novel, which is full of grand scenes and magnificent imagination. Therefore, in the setting, the city square, the tower, and the house are all referencesThe ancient and beautiful Chinese building complex.  There are a lot of scenes and creatures in the film that need special effects to complete. When Lu Yang formulated this project, he asked himself to make this film completely with an industrial standard. The crew used 16 studios, super 4It took 40 square meters to complete the scene, and completed a 50-minute real-time preview of the heavy show.  Director of “749 Bureau”: Lu Chuan Starring: Wang Junkai, Miao Miao, Zheng Kai The reputation of the “Nine Story Demon Tower” in 2015 encountered Waterloo, but did not affect the interest of director Lu Chuan in this.”749 Bureau” is also known as “749: The rise of aliens”, which was renamed from “Nine Story Demon Tower 2.”Lu Chuan mentioned in an interview earlier that the 749 Bureau really existed in history and was a secret unit under the Science and Technology Commission specializing in the study of supernatural phenomena. Lu Chuan Military Academy worked in the 749 unit after graduation, and later becameHe missed his complex.  In order to create this film, Lu Chuan promoted the production team to prepare for a year and a month, officially launched in October 2018.Lu Chuan summarized the movie with several keywords: growth, adventure, action, youth, and romance.In the film, you can experience his first step into the intelligence forces, as well as his own feelings and growth in life.”This is a movie dedicated to young audiences and their parents, and to audiences who are still young.”He also revealed that one of the film’s fragments was shot at China’s largest nuclear industry base.  Director of comedy “Mermaid 2”: Zhou Xingchi Starring: Allen, Lin Yun Like 2016’s “Mermaid”, “Mermaid 2” also conducted this sea election before the start of shooting.In March 2018, “Mermaid 2” was launched in Shenzhen, Lin Yun continued to play the role of the mermaid Shanshan, and the hero tycoon Liu Xuan was replaced by Allen Deng Chao.In June 2018, the starring Lin Yun revealed on Weibo that the film had already been successful.Perhaps it is because the film has a particularly large amount of special effects and the production cycle is too long, so it was delayed to meet the audience, and the 2019 Spring Festival stall star launched another new work “The King of New Comedy”.  Tian Yusheng, the director who directed the “Predecessor” series, also exposed some new information before. He served as a co-director in this film.He revealed that “The theme of” Mermaid 2 “is still called getting along with mermaids and human beings, and the plot involves space and five-dimensional space.”  The project of the “Mermaid 2” script shows that the story involves a “wormhole project” that can shuttle through space at will. Liu Xuan returned to the mall, and the mermaid Shanshan accidentally turned into an astronaut.Obviously, the story is full of Zhou Xingchi’s wild style and unreasonable style.  Literary / Plot “One Second” Director: Zhang Yimou Starring: Zhang Yimou, Liu Haocun, Fan Wei In the 1970s when the film pointed to material schizophrenia, Zhang Jiusheng believed that there was a “one second” image of his deceased daughter in the disc.Zhang Jiusheng, who has not caught up with the movie, has formed an indissoluble bond with the wandering child Xiaojilin, focusing on the feelings of the film for a generation.The story incorporates some of Zhang Yimou’s early personal experiences, which is also his style of reminiscing and seeking roots in social history and culture.  In the film, Zhang Yi plays the lead actor Zhang Jiusheng. He shaved his head for the role. He is thin, 178cm tall, and weighs only 110 pounds. The new “mou girl” Liu Haocun plays the wandering Xiaojilin. She and Zhang Yi travel together in the northwest desert.Gobi experienced nine deaths and one life.  Director Zhang Yimou’s filming has been phenomenal in the past two years. In addition to “One Second”, suspense crime replaced “Rock Solid” and the spy war film “On the Cliff”. It will also be successful in 2019 and is expected to be released in 2020.  Director of “Dust in Blossom”: Chen Kaige Starring: Liu Haoran, Chen Feiyu, Zhang Xueying, Wen Qi This film is a three-year interval after Director Kai Kai Ge directed “Devil Cat Biography” directed by 2017. At present, there is little information on the film exposure, only oneZhang’s start-up photo in July 2019. In the photo, director Chen Kaige, producer Chen Hong, photographer Cao Yu, and actors Liu Haoran, Chen Feiyu, Zhang Xueying, Wen Qi and so on.This is not the first collaboration between Chen Feiyu and his father Chen Kaige. In 2010, Chen Feiyu’s “Orphan of Zhao”, Chen Feiyu played the role of “king” in his youth, and in 2017 “Devil Cat Biography” Chen Feiyu served as director assistant.Prior to this, Liu Haoran had also worked with director Chen Kaige. He played the young white dragon in “Demon Cat Biography” and also starred in “My Me and My Country” where Chen Kaige served as the general director.It is reported that the film depicts the story of several teenagers struggling to strengthen themselves and struggle with destiny in their growing years. The story background is from 1960 to 1980, which is the youth of director Chen Kaige.  Director of “Bird Song Bang”: Tian Zhuangzhuang Starring: Zhou Qi, Tian Zhuang Zhuang, director of Li Wanda’s “fifth generation”, directed the new work “Bird Song Bang” after “The Wolf Disaster” in 2009.In the past ten years, he has worked as an actor outside of the world, starred in “The Taoist Down the Mountain”, “Love in a Dating” and “Later Us”, and also served as a producer to escort the new director’s work “Over the Spring” and so on.Expecting.  ”Bird Boom” is adapted from Acheng’s novel “King of Trees”, which tells the story of a young intellectual who planted rubber trees in Yunnan in the 1960s and competed with the local farmer “Xiao Pimple”.Previously, the film exposed a 15-second promotional video, which was also exposed above the actors. Zhou Qi, who had appeared in the TV series “Little Joy”, and Li Wanda, the daughter of Wu Yue, who played the role of Wu Yue in the film “Ye Wen 4”, all appeared in the film.However, Zhang Yu, who played the role of “The Unknown”, plays the role of actor Xiao Pimple, but the film has not been officially announced yet.  Director of “The First Furnace”: Xu Anhua Starring: Ma Sichun, Yu Feihong, Peng Yuyan Xu Anhua has always been fond of Zhang Ailing’s novels. As early as 1984 and 1997, she directed the film “The Allure of the City” based on Zhang Ailing’s novels.Voice “Love” and “Half Life”.In 2019, she challenged Zhang Ailing’s novel three times, and directed a movie of the same name based on Zhang Ailing’s “The First Furnace”.  The film recounts what happened when a Shanghai girl Ge Weilong went to Hong Kong to study and found herself attracted by Playboy Qiao Qiqiao.Ma Sichun plays the ordinary Shanghai girl Ge Weilong, Peng Yuyan plays the playboy Qiao Qiqiao, and Yu Feihong plays Ge Weilong’s aunt Mrs Liang.In order to better present the era described by Zhang Ailing, Xu Anhua and screenwriter Wang Anyi made several field investigations and went to Hong Kong and Macao to experience the customs.In addition, the team behind the film is also very luxurious, Du Kefeng is the photographer, and Du Duzhi is responsible for the film recording.  [Other literary films]Director of “Spring Plumbing”: Gu Xiaogang “Balloon” Director: Wan Ma Caidan “Buckwheat Crazy Growth” Director: Xu Zhanxiong “Unromantic” Director: Cheng Er “Walk Until The Sea Turns Blue” Director: Jia ZhangkeDirector of “Eleven Times”: Chen Jianbin Animation “Deep Sea” Director: Tian Xiaopeng 2015 Tian Xiaopeng’s “The Return of the Journey to the West” has nearly 10 billion at the box office, igniting the hope of domestic animation movies, and later “Big Fish Begonia””” To help domestic animation, until the summer of last year’s “Naza”, jumped into the runner-up position in the box office of the mainland film history.  In Tian Xiaopeng’s view, “Deep Sea” is the “child” he has nurtured for many years and is a work he has to do in his life. The story has been in his mind for many years. His Weibo name was named “Deep Sea Alien” long ago.The film has been made for nearly four years. Tian Xiaopeng not only wants to make a work that he is satisfied with, but also wants to verify the methodology of Chinese animation creation through this work.  Tian Xiaopeng said, “Deep Sea” is a science fiction suspense film.Different ancient ancient popular animation works, “Deep Sea” will use oriental aesthetics to interpret a fantasy story with a modern background, forming a new undersea world that has existed before, noting that a young girl has encountered a unique life journey on the mysterious seabed.story.  [Other animations]Director of “Mr. Miao”: Li Lingxiao Crime / Suspense Director of “Wind Forest Volcano”: Mai Junlong Starring: Jin Chengwu, Liang Jiahui, Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle The film was filmed by director Mai Junlong after the 2013 “Zombie”The second work.After shooting “Zombie”, Mai Junlong went to the Venice Film Festival. Because of jet lag, he began to write “Fenglin Volcano”, which was written for several years.The director has set up a very cold world for the film, subverting the typical characters in traditional police gangster films, and the story style is dark and cold.The film tells about the wrestling between drug traffickers and anti-drugs caused by an explosion and the social chaos caused by it.In order to restore the 1: 1 scene in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, the crew spent 3 months constructing the shops in the scene in a steel plant in Huizhou following the purchase of copyrights from real Hong Kong shops.In the film, Liang Jiahui plays a psychologist who serves the police force, Liu Qingyun plays a police officer, Gu Tianle plays a killer, Gao Yuanyuan, who has not filmed for three years, turned into a psychologist this time, and heir to a large consortium that wants to clean up the family ‘s black history-Jincheng WuTalk about love.  [Other Crime Suspense Films]Director of “Involved in the Sea of Fury” Director: Cao Baoping “When the Wind Rises” Director: Weng Ziguang Sports / Inspirational “Li Na” Director: Chen Kexin Starring: Hu Ge and other filming of “Dear” in 2014Mainly busy with two plays, both are sports integration, one is “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”, one is “Li Na”.The former will be released nationwide on the first day of the New Year’s Day in 2020, but the process of planning the first release of “Li Na” is very bumpy.  The film is adapted from tennis player Li Na’s autobiography “Playing Alone”, noting the story of Li Na from the age of 6 years old, the athlete period to the retirement.And through her growth, she reveals the life legend of the times.  The film was officially launched in mid-July 2015. It was originally planned to start shooting at the end of 2015. However, Chen Kexin was not satisfied with the script. After three years of polishing, it was turned on. On February 21, 2019, the film was all successful.Because the film tells the story of Li Na for 30 years, the actors who play “Li Na” are divided into three different ages: the childhood version, the youth version and the adult version.Teen Li Na.The French actor Vincent Casso in “Black Swan” plays Li Na’s fourth coach, Argentinian Carlos Rodriguez, and Hu Ge plays Li Na’s husband Jiang Shan.  Sauna, Night Net