Summer time, summer heat and dampness medicine – Liu Yi San


Summer time, summer heat and dampness medicine – Liu Yi San

“Six Yi San” is the simplest variety in the dazzling array of proprietary Chinese medicines.

First, its prescription is simple. It consists of 6 parts of talc and 1 part of licorice. The second method is simple. Just mix the powder of two flavors and mix it.

銆€銆€According to legend, “Liu Yi San” was created by Liu Wansu (other than Liuhe), one of the four members of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties.

In the midsummer of 1147 (the first year of the Golden Emperor’s reign), Jin Xizong Jin Shangshu right-handed Han enterprises first became the king of the king, giving a feast for three days.

Who knows, after three days, the Korean company first got a strange disease: fever, thirst, irritability, poor urine, stool and diarrhea.

The family went around for medical treatment, and Xizong also sent a doctor to come to the hospital for treatment. However, there were nearly a hundred doses of medicine going on, and the disease was increasing, so he sought medical treatment in the city gate.

銆€銆€At the time, Liu Wansu, who was 20 years old, was buying medicines in Beijing, and he saw the list. One of them was a newcomer and he didn’t know the depth. The second one thought that the disease was quite sure: the three first heard the Korean company’s first Botong scripture, and it was able to imitate the Song Dynasty.The new law, so Liu Wansu would like to see this sage.

Therefore, he unveiled the list and entered the Wangfu for the treatment of Korean enterprises.

After checking the color, I asked: “Can you have body heat, upset, thirst, dizziness, less gas, and sweating?

Han closed his eyes and nodded slightly.

銆€銆€”When there is nausea and diarrhea, chest tightness and poor appetite, tired and heavy.

Liu finished.


“Hanqi first said, then blinked and looked at Liu Wansu’s appearance.

銆€銆€”This is the summer heat, the heat is not cured, the doctor has also!


“Taiwan can’t help but say: “I don’t know what the heat is?

“Liu Wansu said: “You cure the heat and dampness, diarrhea does not raise the yin, especially the urination is unfavorable, the stool diarrhea, certainly not afraid to use the cold agent, so it is ineffective.

“Hanqi first stood up and asked with big eyes: “Where are you?”

“Liu Wansu thinks that there are pen prescriptions: talc, licorice, a total of research.

A side of Mrs. Han asked: “Why is this?

Liu pointed to the side of the “talc six or two, licorice one or two”, blurted out: “Six one scattered.”

He explained: “The talc can relieve the muscles and clear the heat, slippery and damp the water and dampness, and rule the top and bottom of the table.

Adding licorice to the fire and the middle, you can clear the heat and dampness.

“How to take the law?”

“Every time you use three yuan, and white honey, cold water or light heart soup to adjust, three days effective.

“When the Korean company saw him in a reasonable way, he took the three stickers according to the prescription, and he rushed to urinate. He couldn’t help but feel very much.

Han enterprises first found Liu Wansu and asked him to abandon the doctor to go to politics, but Liu only asked for a number of medical books.

After that, he still studied hard and finally became a famous doctor.

銆€銆€Li Shizhen, a great medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, also praised “Six Yi San”.

Therefore, Liuyi San is known as the “mortem of mortals.”

銆€銆€The use of “Liu Yi San” is generally 9 grams (three money) per serving, and the best effect is to use cold water to adjust the clothes.

The key to the decision to use “Jiyi San” should be the disease of red urine and short sputum. If the urine is clear and long (no color and more easy to discharge), it should not be used.

銆€銆€In addition, the addition and subtraction of “Six Yi San” is also very flexible.

If you have both an upset and earlier author, you can add a small amount of cinnabar to adjust the clothes, called “Yiyuan San”; if you have both red sore throat and mouth sores, you can add green mites instead, called “Jiyu San”;If you have a mild exogenous (fever, headache, etc.) symptoms, you can use fresh mint leaf decoction or a small amount of sputum juice, called “chicken Susan.”

These prescriptions are good recipes for summer treatment of summer heat.

There is also a usage of the folks to “six-six” to the children after bathing, which can prevent sputum and prevent eczema, which is cheap and beneficial.